AMC Networks International

AMC Networks International (AMCNI), the global division of AMC Networks, delivers entertaining and acclaimed programming that reaches subscribers in more than 140 countries and territories, including Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. AMCNI consists of global brands Sundance Channel and MGM Channel, as well as popular, locally recognized channels in various programming genres.


  • Global Distribution, Ed Palluth, Executive Vice President
  • Asia-Pacific,┬áBruce Tuchman,┬áPresident
  • Central Europe, Mike Moriarty, Managing Director
  • Iberia & Latin America, Eduardo Zulueta, Managing Director
  • Zone (EMEA), Dermot Shortt, Chief Executive Officer
  • AMC/Sundance Channel Global and MGM Channel Global, Bruce Tuchman, President
  • DMC, Mike Moriarty, Managing Director


Georgia Juvelis
Senior Vice President
Corporate Communications
AMC Networks (New York)
(917) 542-6390