AMC SAG Award Nominations

On Thursday, January 4, the Screen Actors Guild announced 13TH ANNUAL SCREEN ACTORS GUILD AWARDS® nominations. Included in the nominations were performances from AMC's first-ever original movie event, Broken Trail which received nods in the following categories: Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries for both Robert Duvall and Thomas Haden Church; and Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries for Greta Scacchi.

Broken Trail, a sweeping epic western set in the American West at the close of the 19th century, is executive produced by and stars Academy Award® winner Robert Duvall, co-stars Academy Award® nominee Thomas Haden Church and is directed by Emmy award winning director Walter Hill. AMC's two-part premiere on June 25th and 26th delivered all time record ratings with a stellar 7.7 HH rating, HH delivery (6.8 million) and total viewership (9.7 million), becoming the #1 cable movie of the year and the second most watched cable movie since 1995.

Broken Trail was also honored with three Golden Globe nominations for Best Movie or Miniseries Made for Television, Best Lead Actor in a Movie Made for Television for Robert Duvall, and Best Supporting Actor in a Movie Made for Television for Thomas Haden Church. It was also honored with a Writers Guild nomination for Alan Geoffrion.

The following is a statement from AMC General Manager and Executive Vice President Charlie Collier:

"Broken Trail was a historic moment for AMC, and it is not lost on anyone that the remarkable work by this uniquely talented cast was central to the movie's breakout success. Nearly 10 million viewers watched the performances of Robert Duvall, Thomas Haden Church and Greta Scacchi in our first-ever original movie, making the movie the most watched scripted program in all of cable television within the last five years. Their characters are at the heart of Broken Trail, and we were honored to work with them."

Rob Sorcher, Executive Vice President of Programming and Production for AMC added:
"In the history of films, the Western is an American creation and our very own mythology. AMC is the home of the Western on television, so when we set out to create our first original movie, we knew that Broken Trail was the project that would strike a chord. With one of the most iconic Western cinema talents – Robert Duvall – leading the performances in Broken Trail,, we knew that AMC would be able to present audiences with a sweeping, epic adventure that would endure over time. We thank the Screen Actors Guild for honoring our talent."

Attributed to AMC General Manager and Executive Vice President Charlie Collier:
"Mr. Duvall is justifiably revered as one of the finest actors in the history of filmmaking. His performance in Broken Trail as the veteran cowboy Print Ritter personifies the Western hero and only adds to his legendary characters."

"Thomas Haden Church's performance as the anguished cowboy Tom Harte showed him to be one of the finest actors of his generation."

"The award-winning Greta Scacchi is one of Hollywood's most extraordinary actresses and her performance as Broken Trail's faded beauty turned prostitute, Nola Johns, is devastating and poignant."