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Fox Sports Net Presents Sports Adventures

Outdoor Adventure Show Premieres Saturday, August 31

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Fox Sports Net explores local sporting activities that are “off the beaten path” with the debut of Sports Adventures. Premiering Saturday, August 31 at 9:00 AM, the show gives viewers the unique opportunity to experience sporting adventures from Northern California to Northern Nevada.

Hosted by KPIX’s Dennis O’Donnell, Sports Adventures is a half-hour show which will feature four new episodes on Fox Sports Net each year.

Show synopsis for Episode #1:
“Cowboy Way” (Elko, NV)
The Sliver State is perhaps best known for its casinos and desolate deserts. Yet parts of Northern Nevada rival any state’s pristine beauty. Here, the ringing and clanging noises of slot machines are erased by the cadence of glistening brooks folding into jewel-like mountain lakes and the view of tall pines and blue skies eclipsing the buzzing of neon lights. Sports Adventures take viewers on a horseback trip to the hidden backcountry of Nevada, where the only things bigger than the tall tales around a campfire are the trout swimming in nearby rivers.

“Kite Boarding” (San Francisco Bay)
Imagine wakeboarding without a boat. Try windsurfing with your sail 30 feet off the water. This is the new phenomenon called Kite Boarding. The sport combines technology from windsurfing, wakeboarding and kite flying. Kite boarders get their power from enormous stunt kites. They are able to generate the same speeds as a windsurfer but when they launch off a wave with the kite pulling them up, they are able to fly. Sports Adventures takes viewers into San Francisco Bay, one of the best places in the world to try this new up-and-coming sport.

“Bloodless Bullfighting” (Stevinson, CA)
In Stevinson, California, just outside of Modesto, the Portuguese-American residents carry on the time-honored ritual of bullfighting. Unlike traditional bullfighting, these are “bloodless” contests. The bulls wear a Velcro patch on their shoulders and the matadors are only armed with paper filled darts and a half cape. Sports Adventures follows a 13-year-old bullfighter as he steps into the ring for the first time as thousands of fans watch.

Produced by Fox Sports Net’s Ted Griggs, Sports Adventures repeats September 5 (10AM), September 7, (9AM), September 14 (9AM), September 21 (9AM), September 28 (9AM), October 8 (3PM) and October 16 (3PM).

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