Fuse Amplifies Fuse On Demand

New VOD Service from All-Music Network Introduced

New Orleans, LA, May 3, 2004 – Fuse, the nation's only viewer-driven, all-music network, announced the roll-out of Fuse On Demand, the first on-demand hit music program service for digital cable subscribers featuring hit music videos and ratings-proven programming.

The announcement was made here today at the National Cable Television Association's annual convention by Marc Juris, President of Fuse.

"With the roll-out of Fuse on Demand, the network continues its commitment to lead the charge in creating inventive and appealing interactive, viewer-driven programming that best platforms digital services," said Juris. "As a 'Digital and Proud' network, Fuse's greatest strength is a programming philosophy built on convergence and aimed at an underserved tech-savvy young adult audience, which is good news to operators interested in the revenue opportunities offered by digital services."

Fuse on Demand viewers can watch up to 75 full-length music videos from the industry's top recording artists in addition to exclusive artist interviews, concert footage, and the weekly "What's New on FUSE" promotional video. Just like all of Fuse's programming, Fuse On Demand's content is organized into six primary categories, from Rock and Alternative to Pop, Hip-Hop and R&B, and refreshed on a weekly basis based on viewer input. Easy interactive menus and non-premium fee structure drive viewership. A companion website on www.fuse.tv offers more artist information and links to other products, in addition to delivering retail and digital product sales.

About Fuse
Fuse, a network of Rainbow Media Holdings LLC, is the nation's only all-music, viewer-influenced television network, featuring music videos, exclusive artist interviews, live concerts and specials — all rooted in the music experience. Fuse reflects the rapidly changing interests and attitudes of its 12-34 year-old audience by uniting the media platforms that are at the center of their communication and entertainment – TV, online, and interactive games – and by incorporating their opinions and suggestions into its on-air and online programming. More information about Fuse is available at www.fuse.tv.

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