IFC Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction

Airing of Film to be Followed by Examination of its Impact on Filmmakers, Featuring Exclusive IFC Interviews with Tarantino and Uma Thurman

NEW YORK, May 3, 2004 – Independent Film Channel (IFC), the first and most widely distributed cable network devoted to independent film, announced today that it will produce a retrospective commemorating the tenth anniversary of Quentin Tarantino?s influential Pulp Fiction. The special will air June 12, starting with an 8PM/ET showing of the film followed by an examination of its major impact on independent filmmakers. The post-film special will include exclusive IFC interviews with Tarantino and actress Uma Thurman, one of the movie?s stars, as well as interviews with other cast members and critics.

Michael Ruggiero, IFC?s Director of Programming , stated: ?Pulp Fiction was one of the most influential films of the 1990?s. It firmly established Quentin Tarantino as one of the most important and innovative directors of his generation, and it single-handedly energized the independent film industry. It is fitting that its tenth anniversary will be marked by IFC, a network that celebrates its own 10th anniversary this year and has had, in its own right, a significant influence on the independent film world by giving filmmakers an opportunity to express their true voice.?

Pulp Fiction is a non-linear series of vignettes framed by a robbery staged at a coffee shop. In addition to its stylishly unique, Oscar-winning screenplay by Tarantino and Roger Avary, the film revitalized the career of John Travolta and provided a star turn for Thurman. Film critic Roger Ebert wrote of Pulp Fiction: ?It delights some audience members and disturbs others, I think, for the same reason: because it toys with their expectations. It does not seem willing to play by the rules. It imposes its own order on the material. Just at a time when American action films seemed bogged down in a morass of formulaic plots, here is one that throws out everything they teach in the Hollywood screening writing workshops and reinvents a genre from scratch.?


Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman and others discuss the impact of Pulp Fiction


10th Anniversary Retrospective


June 12, 8PM/ET


Independent Film Channel

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