The AMC Project Takes Aim at The New Hollywood

Monthly Experimental Documentary Series Debuts June 2003

HOLLYWOOD, CA, January 6, 2003 — As part of AMC's commitment to bringing a fresh voice and point of view to its viewers, the network today announced a new monthly series that takes an in-depth look into Hollywood's evolving culture, creativity and business. Beginning June 2003, THE AMC PROJECT presents unexpected and thought-provoking viewpoints on various aspects of life in Hollywood from a variety of acclaimed filmmakers commissioned to create story-driven films ranging from a half-hour to two-hour explorations.

"THE AMC PROJECT marks a new direction for documentary programming on AMC," said Robert Sorcher, AMC's Senior Vice President, Programming and Production. "It's a platform to showcase a broad variety of editorial voices on the network."


The sudden explosion of reality TV has blown the door of the fame club wide open, ushering a new group of people into the limelight precisely because they are "normal." Here stars are made by exposing their deepest selves, which, when presented on national television, forever alters their lives. Can reality stars ever go back to "real life"? Do they even want to? FAME: THE NEW REALITY follows several reality TV veterans as they struggle to come to terms with their "fifteen minutes": George Boswell (BIG BROTHER 1), Tonya Paoni (BIG BROTHER 3),
and Chadwick Pelletier (ROAD RULES AUSTRALIA). Coinciding with the debut of FAME: THE NEW REALITY, Playboy magazine will publish a special edition of the magazine featuring the women of reality TV, peeling one more layer off of the private lives of these instant stars – including Tonya Paoni, one of the subjects of the documentary. The one-hour special is co-produced and co-directed by Rick Velleu (writer/director of the independent features TWO DAYS IN WISCONSIN and SWEET TALK; and documentaries such as the Emmy Award-winning MOMENT OF IMPACT and CALL TO ACTION: AN UNTOLD STORY OF 9/11; co-creator, DORA THE EXPLORER) and Edward Rosenstein (HBO's REAL SEX1, THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO MR. ALLEN). Premieres June 16, 2003 at 10 p.m.
Production Company – Eyepop Productions
Producers/Directors – Rick Velleu & Edward Rosenstein

An informative, entertaining and often moving glimpse through the eyes of five gay men making their mark in Hollywood. Hollywood has been called the "gayest" town in America. Through interviews, round-table discussions and glimpses into the world of gay power players in Hollywood, this documentary takes on issues of sexuality, discrimination, the "gay mafia," social dynamics, and politics. This incisive, unconventional two-hour exploration is produced by World of Wonder, makers of HBO's DROP DEAD GORGEOUS, MTV's upcoming HOMO HIGH and the smash Sundance documentary, PARTY MONSTER. Premieres July 14, 2002 at 10 p.m.
Production Company – World of Wonder
Executive Producer – Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato
Producer – Jeremy Simmons
Co-Producer – Michael Warwick

A riveting and revealing two-hour special about the next battleground in the war on terrorism – the image war – and how the Muslim world perceives America through Hollywood's eyes. Shot on location in Cairo, Beirut, Kabul, Tehran and in the U.S., HOLLYWOOD & THE MUSLIM WORLD explores how television influences Muslims' views of America by watching what they are watching– from black market videos in their homes to mainstream movies in theaters. With comments by moderates and radicals alike, the two-hour documentary explores the images, concepts and values projected on entertainment television and shows a never-before-seen side of the Muslim world. Premieres August 2003
Production Company – Stuart Television Productions
Writer/Producer/Director – Charles C. Stuart


In one of the most bizarre and inherently dramatic relationships in Hollywood, action hero Steven Seagal and producer Jules Nasso have been associated since Seagal's 1990 film MARKED FOR DEATH. By some accounts (namely Seagal's own), the actor's life has played out like one of his movies– Black Ops, secret missions for the CIA, concealed weapons etc. A star known for his tough guy image and conflicted past was placed dead center of some genuinely risky business when producer Nasso was arrested, along with several members of the Gambino organized crime family, and charged with being part of an extortion plot aimed at the actor. This one-hour film takes a hard look at the explosive breakdown in a 15-year movie-making partnership and the allegations of blackmail and death threats that put Seagal back on the front page, albeit in a shocking way. SEAGAL VS NASSO is produced and directed by Sarah Teale, whose acclaimed documentaries include HBO's BELLEVUE: INSIDE AND OUT and MUMIA ABU JAMAL: A QUESTION OF REASONABLE DOUBT, among many others. Her work has also been seen on MTV, Channel 4 UK, TCM, ITV UK and PBS.

Humor and pathos get equal time in this half-hour film that takes a playful look at the dream of Hollywood fame and the ordinary people who find themselves caught up in its pursuit. The disparate group of aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers profiled in the documentary have one thing in common – they've all written letters to actor John Malkovich and tried to interest him in their screenplay ideas. What are their chances of getting into Malkovich's head? What does Malkovich think of their ideas? This lighthearted half-hour documentary explores the aspirations of these Hollywood hopefuls, their pet projects, their perceptions of the industry, and the realities of attempting to attain Hollywood fame with a 37

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