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LONDON, 26 September 2017 – CBS Reality, owned by AMC Networks International – UK and CBS Studios International, announced today the premiere of “Voice of a Serial Killer,” a new and exclusive CBS Reality Original series on Wednesday, 1st November at 10pm.

The ten-part docu-drama series aims to answer the question ‘what is it like to interview a serial killer,’ taking the viewer on a journey into the dark heart of the police interrogation room. “Voice of a Serial Killer” brings to life the nerve jangling audio taken from confessions of some of the world’s most notorious murderers and serial killers, including Robert Black, Colin Ireland, Kim Edwards, Ted Bundy and Aileen Wuornos.

Using cutting edge lip-sync technology and actors, the series invites the audience to step into the shoes of the detectives who questioned them. The police interrogations are complemented by first rate drama recon of the crimes themselves, and further supported by expert interviews.

CBS Reality’s Director of Programming Sam Rowden, who is also Executive Producer on the series, commented, “The murders examined in “Voice of a Serial Killer” represent some of the most evil acts in history. To listen to the actual taped confessions of the perpetrators using realistic lip-sync technology, is as chilling as it gets. Our viewers will both hear and see the police interrogations, in some cases for the first time ever.”

Professor of Criminology, David Wilson, and Professor of Forensic Psychology, Michael Brookes OBE, listen to and analyse the actual killers’ voices, exposing the journeys of the murderers from kill to confession. With years of experience working with murderers, both Wilson and Brookes provide enlightening insights to the minds and actions of the killers featured.

“Voice of a Serial Killer” is produced by Rik Hall and written and directed by David Howard. They founded Monster Films, the award-winning production company behind the critically acclaimed “Interview with a Murderer.” The series is distributed by TCB Media Rights.

CBS Reality is the biggest factual entertainment channel in the UK amongst adult women and a Top 10 most watched non-PSB channel amongst all adults[1]. The channel has invested significantly in original programming consisting of in-depth and relevant real life crime stories that resonate well with CBS Reality’s loyal audience.

Other CBS Reality Originals include “Murderers and Their Mothers” Season 1, “Killer Clergy,” “Stalkers Who Kill,” “The Day I Should Have Died,” “Uncovering Melanie’s Murderer,” “Teens Who Kill,” “The Jury Room,” and most recently “Written in Blood,” “Murderers and Their Mothers” Season 2, and “Click for Murder.”

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