AMC Trades Insiders’ Tales in “Backstory: Wall Street” on Monday, March 18

JERICHO, N.Y., March 15, 2002 – In BACKSTORY: WALL STREET, premiering Monday, March 18 at 10:00 PM (ET), Michael Douglas, Charlie Sheen and Darryl Hannah, director/screenwriter Oliver Stone, co-writer Stanley Weiser and others reveal how friction on the set helped an intense and timely film about the tyranny of greed.

WALL STREET, the tale of an ambitious young stockbroker who rises and falls under the tutelage of a ruthless tycoon, came to fruition in a year when America was captivated by a soaring stock market. Oliver Stone, fresh off a Best Director win for PLATOON (1986), had carte blanche to develop his own projects. He conceived the film as a tribute to his father, Lou Stone, a Wall Street veteran. Stone cast against type when he tapped Michael Douglas for the lead role of Gordon Gekko, the corporate raider who becomes mentor to aspiring broker Charlie Sheen. From day one, Stone was uncompromising with Douglas, pressing him to capture the essence of a self-centered businessman motivated by pure greed. Although Stone's tactics created tension on the set, he was vindicated when Douglas won the Oscar for Best Actor.

For Charlie Sheen, the role of money-hungry Bud Fox was unfamiliar territory. Sheen knew very little about the business world, and prior to the shoot, he spent four weeks in New York's financial district absorbing the lifestyle, lingo and energy of Wall Street traders. He was on more familiar ground in the scenes he shot with his father, Martin Sheen, cast as Bud's blue-collar dad. The two drew from their reservoir of emotional experience to connect with each other in one of the film's most resonant scenes.

As Stone readied the film for release, an ironic turn of events made his film especially timely and relevant. A mere eight weeks after hitting an all-time peak, the stock market plunged on October 19 in the biggest percentage drop in its history. Opening amid headlines of insider trading and stock market scandals, WALL STREET emerged as a gritty morality tale for the '80s.

BACKSTORY is AMC's award-winning weekly series that shines a spotlight on the defining moments in a film's creation. Cast members, directors, producers and other Hollywood players provide revealing inside "backstories" about the events that affected each film, its success and its stars. Executive Producer for BACKSTORY: WALL STREET is Kevin Burns. The episode was produced by Prometheus Entertainment in association with Van Ness Films, Foxstar Productions, Fox Television Studios and AMC. Jessica Falcon is executive producer for AMC.

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