AMC’S 2003 Slate of Original Programming is “TV For Movie People”

HOLLYWOOD, CA, January 6, 2003 – Reinforcing its new identity as "AMC: TV for Movie People," the network today announced an extended programming slate of original series, specials and documentaries for 2003. This slate reflects AMC's new programming philosophy, now centered on attracting a younger, broader audience. AMC recently re-branded to add newer movies, more original programming and expanded advertising.

"AMC has a fresh point of view on the world of entertainment," noted AMC Senior Vice President, Programming and Production, Robert Sorcher. "Our diverse programming slate reflects our new brand and telegraphs to our viewers that AMC is a place to find innovative original programming along with movie favorites from all decades."

The following programming is currently in production for the 2003 schedule:


THE WRONG COAST: At the crossroads of "never happened" and "but wouldn't it be cool?" lies a nether region of humor and absurdity where two entertainment properties are mixed together, forming such odd combinations as "Nightmare on Sesame Street" or "Quentin Tarantino's Snow White." In a stop-motion, animated parody of today's entertainment news shows, AMC brings together the minds of actor/voice over artist Mark Hamill (STAR WARS,) stop-motion animator Carl Paolino ("Celebrity Deathmatch", writer Bob Underwood ("Night Court," "The Drew
Carey Show") and show co-creator, to create an "out of this world" movie experience. Premieres April 2, 2003
at 8 p.m.

Executive Producers – Mark Hamill, Carl Paolino & Bob Underwood

WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD: In a hidden camera look at Hollywood and the often absurd quest for fame, this new half-hour comedy series provides a tongue-in-cheek look at how stars are created. Based on the HBO movie of the same name, WELCOME TO HOLLYWOOD features director Adam Rifkin on a quest to create the next big "movie star" by taking a virtual unknown through the Hollywood star-making machinery. Red carpet appearances, on-camera interviews, photo ops and various and sundary publicity stunts ensue as the intrepid film crew and "wanna-be" star intersect with real life celebrities and media people. Premieres June 2003.

Production Company – Dilecta, Inc.
Executive Producers – Adam Rifkin & Tony Markes
Producer – Zachary Matz
Director – Tony Markes

This monthly series delivers unexpected, thought-provoking viewpoints on various aspects of life in Hollywood through the lenses of some of America's most respected filmmakers. Ranging from half-hour specials to two-hour explorations, upcoming shows include:

  • FAME: THE NEW REALITY follows several reality TV veterans as they try to come to terms with their "fifteen minutes." Premieres June 16, 2003.

  • GAY HOLLYWOOD is an informative, moving, and entertaining reality/documentary look at five gay men making their mark in Hollywood. Premieres July 14, 2003.

  • HOLLYWOOD & THE MUSLIM WORLD is a riveting and revealing two-hour special about the next battleground in the world on terrorism – the image war – and how the Muslim world perceives America through Hollywood's eyes. Premieres August 2003.


HELL UP IN HOLLYWOOD is an intensive look at the era in which some of the best, and worst, movies featuring black action heroes were made. Striking a chord with black audiences fed up with the benign, culturally assimilated characters of the 60s, films such as SHAFT and SUPERFLY grossed ten times their production costs and caught the attention of mainstream Hollywood, which responded with an unprecedented number of black-themed films. Films featured include SHAFT, SUPERFLY, MANDINGO, CLEOPATRA JONES, COTTON COMES TO HARLEM and HELL UP IN HARLEM. Premieres February 4, 2003.

Production Company – Prometheus Entertainment and FoxstarProductions in association with Fox
Television Studios and AMC
Executive Producer – Kevin Burns

HOLLYWOOD HIGH explores how drug addiction is portrayed in film, from campy midnight movies like REEFER MADNESS, to the blunt brutality of REQUIEM FOR A DREAM. AMC's original one-hour documentary lays bare the seductive highs and rock bottom lows of addiction and the drug trade, which is a continuing source of inspiration for writers and filmmakers. Featuring original interviews with filmmakers including John Waters (PINK FLAMINGOS), Penelope Spheeris (THE DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION, WAYNE'S WORLD), Jim Jarmusch (NIGHT ON EARTH) and Oliver Stone (THE DOORS, PLATOON), writers such as Hubert Selby Jr. (REQUIEM FOR A DREAM) and Stephen Gaghan (TRAFFIC), and actor Willem Dafoe (SPIDERMAN, AFFLICTION), HOLLYWOOD HIGH examines how drug use in the movies has evolved over the last 60 years. Premieres February 18, 2003 at 10 p.m.

Production Company – @ Radical Media

Producer – Michael Bonfiglio
Director- Bruce Sinofsky

HOLLYWOOD CELEBRATES DENZEL WASHINGTON: AN AMERICAN CINEMATHEQUE TRIBUTE: Some of Hollywood's biggest and brightest stars come out on AMC when the network broadcasts one of Hollywood's more irreverent award ceremonies. Hosted by comedian Jaime Foxx, this one-hour program pays tribute to the incredible career of two-time Academy Award®-winning actor Denzel Washington. The original special features PHILADELPHIA co-star and two-time Academy Award®-winner Tom Hanks as the presenter of the 17th Annual American Cinematheque Award to Washington. Halle Berrry, Bruce Willis, Angela Bassett, Ethan Hawke, Robert Downey, Jr., Keanu Reeves, Ice Cube, Cedric The Entertainer and others participate in the on-air tribute.
Celebrity friends and colleagues provide an intimate journey through TV
Washington's diverse career as they share humorous and often touching personal anecdotes about Washington, interspersed with clips from his impressive array of films. Premieres March 3, 2003 at 10 p.m.

Production Company – Dalrymple Productions
Executive Producers – Robert Dalrymple, Robert Flattery

SEX @ 24FPS: Sex sells. It has sold movies from the silent era through the restrictive, modest 1950s to the more explicit portrayals in film today. This two-hour documentary will examine what some of Hollywood's hottest films reveal about America's sexual psyche, from the scandalous to the absurd. will feature interviews with
actors, filmmakers and social historians, and will feature footage from some of the most sexually-charged movies of our time, such as 9

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