AMC’s Hollywood Insiders Score an Exclusive With Mel Gibson

While nightly entertainment television shows and news outlets are scrambling for a few brief sound bites with the man in the middle of the media hurricane – Mel Gibson – AMC is getting set to unleash the mother of all interviews with the director of the ultra-controversial The Passion of the Christ. The hosts of the network's much talked about Sunday Morning ShootOut, Variety editor-in-chief Peter Bart and legendary studio head Peter Guber, secured a lengthy sit-down with their longtime friend Gibson, on the eve of the film's premiere. In the interview, Gibson really lets his hair down regarding his motivations for making the film and his new role as media lightening rod. The wealth of information revealed by Gibson to these two figures well acquainted with the machinations of Hollywood controversy has been divided into two special half-hour editions of Sunday Morning ShootOut to air Sunday, February 29 at 11:30 AM and Sunday, March 7 at 11 AM. The Gibson exclusive is just the latest in a long line for this very inside Hollywood show. Recent episodes of Sunday Morning ShootOut have featured everyone who is anyone in Hollywood, including Clint Eastwood, Sir Ben Kingsley, Charlize Theron, Peter Jackson, Dustin Hoffman and Edward Norton to name a few.

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