Are You Having Sex This Valentine's Day”
Do You Even Care”

WE: Women's Entertainment Exclusive Valentine's Day Love Poll Finds We'd Rather Go Out – Over Half Surveyed Prefer a Trip, Movie or a Meal to 'A Night Of Cuddling'

How important is sex, anyway? A new poll from WE: Women's Entertainment finds that over 50% of those surveyed would rather be doing something else. To celebrate Valentine's Day and the new special "Love Files," airing February 13 at 10:00 pm, WE: Women's Entertainment decided to commission an exclusive poll to find out just where we stand on relationships, romance, intimacy, sex and other issues involving love.

Among the responses of the 500 men and 500 women surveyed:

  • When asked about the perfect date, "A night of cuddling" (53%) was way down the list topped by:

    "Taking weekend trips" (70% men/77% women)
    "Taking long vacations (62% men/60% women)
    "Going to a movie/play" (55% men/54% women)
    "Going to lunch or dinner" (59% women)
    "A quiet evening at home" (54% men)

  • In addition, it doesn't appear that getting physical is what a relationship is really all about. Our survey found the main reason the respondents would want to be in a committed relationship is "to have a best friend/soul mate" (49% men, 63% women). And 50% of both men and women indicate that TRUST is most important to maintain a successful, lasting relationship.

Other surprising findings included:

  • How is it possible that only 6% of men say they have ever proposed and been turned down while an astounding 35% of women claim to have turned down proposals? Are those men forgetting something?
  • Are there a lot of lonely hearts out there this Valentine's Day? Maybe not. 75% of women and 66% of men say they are currently in love.
  • But with so many people in love, where are the romantics? Only 36% of men and 46% of women call themselves "definitely romantic," while well below half – 41% of men and 35% of women – think true love "definitely" lasts forever.
  • Do we really understand each other? When what we think the other one wants for Valentine's Day, 80% of women think men want sex, while 74% of men think women want to be taken to dinner. Actually, only 44% of men say they want sex while 'romance/to be loved' (24%) topped the list among women.
  • And, finally, where do we stand on February 14 itself? Only 16% of men and 23% of women "love Valentine's Day," while 48% of men and 41% of women say they "can take it or leave it".