Fans Get Isekai’d This Fall With “Loner Life in Another World” on HIDIVE

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HOUSTON, TX — June 26, 2024 — Isekai fans received surprise news with HIDIVE’s announcement today that it has acquired the new fantasy adventure series Loner Life in Another World. Based on the popular isekai light novel and manga created Shoji Goji, Loner Life in Another World will stream exclusively on the anime streaming service from AMC Networks as part of its Fall 2024 simulcast season

“We’re thrilled to reveal that the eagerly anticipated isekai series Loner Life in Another World will stream exclusively later this year as part of HIDIVE’s Fall 2024 simulcast season,” said John Ledford, President of HIDIVE. “We may have a special sneak peek for fans next week at Anime Expo 2024, so stay tuned!”

After getting isekai’d into another world with his entire high school class, “God” offers Haruka and his peers their choice of special powers so they can become fantasy heroes. But Haruka accidentally missed the power selection period, and now he’s stuck with the leftover abilities his classmates refused to take! Seemingly underpowered, he makes use of his unwanted skills to live a (surprisingly comfortable) life as a lone wolf…but his classmates soon learn their “superior” abilities aren’t as great as they’re cracked up to be, and Haruka may have to come to their rescue using ingenuity, creativity, and the leftover powers his classmates once snubbed.

Loner Life in Another World is adapted from the currently 14-volume-long light novel and 19-volume-long manga titles created by Shoji Goji and published by Overlap that launched in January 2018 and January 2019, respectively. The English language version of the manga is published by Seven Seas publishes the English language version of the light novel while Kaiten Books publishes the English language version of the manga. Loner Life in Another World is directed by Akio Kazumi and written by Kenta Ihara together with production by Hayabusa Film and Passione. The series stars Shuichiro Umeda as Haruka, Haruka Shiraishi as Class Rep and Hina Suguta as Gal Leader

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