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For Better Or For Worse! WE: Women’s Entertainment Presents Bridezillas

NEW ORLEANS, LA, May 2, 2004 — Before the beautiful ceremony, the spectacular reception and the happily-ever-after, there’s the planner, the designer, the caterer and the bride who was perfectly normal until planning her wedding took over her life. WE: WOMEN’S ENTERTAINMENT takes a look at this common yet scary trend before wedded bliss in the eight-part series, BRIDEZILLAS premiering June 7 at 10:00 PM ET.

Every Monday, viewers will get a behind-the-scenes peek at extreme brides as they get ready for the BIG day and slowly lose their grip on sanity. The reality series is filled with a mix of temper tantrums and obsessive-compulsive outbursts as the wives-to-be use any means necessary to ensure the perfect ceremony.

Watch trouble erupt as our brides find themselves involved in nuptial nightmares. Tensions develop when Wall Street trader Vanessa persuades her fianc? Dan to forgo buying a house in favor of a big old-fashioned wedding. While most brides have no more than a couple of fittings, Karen is at her sixth dress fitting and she’s still not happy. Finally, it’s only four days before her wedding and actress Cynthia is facing bridal meltdown when she decides she hates the dress that’s been made for her.

Why do so many sweet brides-to-be become so hostile? And at what point do these women transform from calm, rational individuals to matrimonial monsters? Tune into this reality series that tries to understand the growing supernatural phenomenon of BRIDEZILLAS.

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