Fuse Continues to Blaze Convergence Programming Path and Drive Demand for High-Speed Services With June 7 Premiere of The Daily Download and Fuse Clues

New Orleans, LA, May 4, 2004 – Fuse, the nation's only viewer-driven, all-music network, will continue to push forward the horizons of cross-platform programming and the demand for high-speed services with the June 7 premiere of two new shows, The Daily Download and Fuse Clues. The announcement was made here today at the National Cable Television Association's annual convention by Marc Juris, President of Fuse.

"Fuse's greatest strength is that we are built from the ground up on convergence, on providing our community of viewers with the tools they need to literally program our network and cable operators with imaginative programming that drives the demand of high-speed services," stated Marc Juris, President of Fuse. "New shows like Fuse Clues and The Daily Download bring the interactivity and viewer empowerment to a new level for music-lovers. They are also a vibrant showcase for the potential and power of cross-platform programming – a new generation of television that can be best enjoyed with enhanced high-speed services."

The Daily Download will provide a live, one-hour daily countdown of the top 10 top legally-downloaded songs in the country, then offer fans the chance to download music and more from their favorite artists. Fans can tune in to watch their favorite videos and live performances by the hottest artists, then legally download mp3s and other goodies to their heart's content!

In addition to free song downloads, viewers will be presented a wide selection of artist- and music-related content to download, including ringtones, wallpaper, memorabilia, bonus tracks, coupons, PC desktop and mobile phone graphics, album artwork, animations, games and demo's for PC's and phones. The show will emanate live from Fuse's street-front studio in Manhattan every Monday – Friday from 6:00 – 7:00 pm.

With Fuse Clues, the pastime of watching music videos serves as the foundation for some competitive fun for music-lovers. With each edition of the half-hour show, viewers watch videos to find the clues that will help them answer puzzles about pop culture references. They then use their mobile phones to provide the answers, or go on-line, to win not only bragging rights but prizes. Fuse Clues will air Monday – Friday from 7:00 – 7:30 pm.

About Fuse
Fuse, a network of Rainbow Media Holdings LLC, is the nation's only all-music, viewer-influenced television network, featuring music videos, exclusive artist interviews, live concerts and specials — all rooted in the music experience. Fuse reflects the rapidly changing interests and attitudes of its 12-34 year-old audience by uniting the media platforms that are at the center of their communication and entertainment – TV, online, and interactive games – and by incorporating their opinions and suggestions into its on-air and online programming. More information about Fuse is available at www.fuse.tv.

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