Fuse Launches Bold New Advertising Campaign

All-Music Network Puts Forth Satirical Creative Encouraging Music Television Fans to “Watch Different”

(New York, July 19, 2004) – Fuse , the nation’s only viewer-driven, all-music network, breaks with marketing tradition in its latest advertising and brand imaging campaign. The campaign, entitled “Watch Different” was developed in partnership with Amalgamated and will first appear on July 19th in outdoor locations around New York City, as well as in national magazines and through an aggressive viral online campaign.

As with the network’s previous award-winning branding campaigns which parodied pop culture icons and references like Sally Struthers, Tammy Faye and political campaigns. Fuse’s print creative features a series of silhouetted models against colorful backdrops, suggesting non-traditional and irreverent ways in which viewers can enjoy the enhanced experience of watching music television on Fuse.

About Fuse:
Fuse, a network of Rainbow Media Holdings LLC, is the nation’s only all-music, viewer-influenced television network, featuring music videos, exclusive artist interviews, live concerts and specials — all rooted in the music experience. Fuse reflects the rapidly changing interests and attitudes of its 12-34 year-old audience by uniting the media platforms that are at the center of their communication and entertainment – TV, online, and interactive games – and by incorporating their opinions and suggestions into its on-air and online programming. More information about Fuse is available at www.fuse.tv .

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