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Hail to the Chief!!!

In Honor of President's Day We: Women's Entertainment Lists the Top 10 Reasons a Woman Should be President

JERICHO, NY, February 18, 2005 – This President's Day, as Americans reflect on the accomplishments of past presidents, WE: Women's Entertainment looks to the future and the opportunities that exist with a female Commander in Chief.


  • 10. Manicures, pedicures and tampons are now tax deductible.
  • 9. Calls joint session of Congress to 'really talk about their feelings.'
  • 8. White House china would only be used for "special occasions."
  • 7. Teachers get a 200% pay increase.
  • 6. Way better stores built on the National Mall.
  • 5. Have you ever heard a woman bargain at a flea market?
    Imagine what she could do in the Middle East.
  • 4. Flirting now considered a diplomatic strategy.
  • 3. Tom Cruise would make a pretty good Secretary of State.
  • 2. Sample sales considered legal excuse for speeding
  • 1. Even a woman can't spend as much as George W. Bush.

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