IFC and Sundance Channel Launch New ”INDIENOMICS” Advertising Platform to Help Marketers Reach Coveted Consumers in a Cluttered, Rapidly Changing Environment

New Research Confirms IFC and Sundance Channel Viewers Make More, Spend More and Influence More than Competitors, Despite Recession

April 10, 2009 – New York, NY – Viewers who watch IFC and Sundance Channel represent an audience that that has higher income, continues to spend more, and has outsized influence among their peers, as compared to competitive networks, including FX, VH-1, Spike and Bravo*. These statistics are among the surprising new findings from a recent, comprehensive viewer engagement study that is the foundation of a new advertising platform, IFC and Sundance Channel are introducing to advertisers this Upfront season.

Rooted in the two networks’ Branded Entertainment sponsorship model, IFC and Sundance Channel’s new INDIENOMICS platform gives advertisers a valuable, fresh insight into the current marketplace, while showcasing the current spending mindset and influence of the IFC and Sundance Channel audiences.

"INDIENOMICS is the term we’ve coined to describe a new organizing principle that is emerging in today’s marketplace. It’s a notion borne out of the chaos of a changing media landscape, which reflects the decreasing effectiveness of conventional marketing and the necessity for marketers to take a completely new approach towards reaching and building relationships with consumers," said Evan Shapiro, IFC and Sundance Channel’s President.

Added Shapiro: "INDIENOMICS is a new paradigm that speaks to the way IFC and Sundance Channel have always operated. And, in this new marketplace, IFC and Sundance Channel are the two best television brands to reach consumers."

IFC and Sundance Channel are launching INDIENOMICS (www.indienomics.com) through an aggressive, viral marketing campaign using an originally-produced independent film, blogs, outdoor advertising, and other elements. The campaign showcases the INDIENOMICS paradigm, and illustrates IFC and Sundance Channel’s proven competitive advantage in the midst of an uncertain economic environment.

"These networks pioneered and perfected the notion of Branded Entertainment. As the rest of the industry grapples with podbusters and reinventing the :30 spot, we’re continuing what we’ve always done – bringing to marketers, proven opportunities that showcase their content in an uncut, uncluttered environment," said Alan Klein, Executive Vice President, Partnerships and Operations for IFC and Sundance Channel. "This seamless integration of branded content makes these networks among the most effective and efficient buys on television."

The networks’ new viewer engagement study by OTX Research, examines how IFC and Sundance Channel’s audiences compare to a competitive set of other networks in terms of spending habits across multiple categories, perception of television advertising, the scope of influence among peers, and media habits.

"On most every metric, IFC and Sundance Channel far outrank the competition," said Daniel Marcu, VP of Research for IFC and Sundance Channel. "Our viewers are a highly attractive target, not just for their resiliency in this economy, but also for their receptiveness to advertising that appears on these two networks, and, the trust they assign to sponsors of these networks. Coupled with their outsized peer group influence, they are among the most valuable and hardest to reach consumers."

Core to INDIENOMICS are the ideas that "Independence Leads to Prosperity;" "Advertising is Content;" Trust is King;" "Everyone is a Network;" and "Not All Consumers are Created Equal."

"Independence Leads to Prosperity" – IFC and Sundance Channel viewers have steady jobs, earn high incomes and have more money to spend.

  • The mean income for the IFC viewer is $91,000/yr and $86,280/yr for Sundance Channel, representing the highest income among all competitive networks
  • Employment security – 50% of Sundance Channel viewers and 47% of IFC viewers are "very secure" as it relates to their employment

"Advertising is Content" – IFC and Sundance Channel viewers perceive advertising on these two networks as significantly better than on other networks, view the advertising as more creative than on other networks, and feel that ads fit more naturally with other programs on the networks.

"Trust is King" – IFC and Sundance Channel viewers are an influential audience that trusts the right brand in the right place. IFC and Sundance Channel fare significantly better than competitive networks when it comes to advertising. In the OTX study, viewers responded that they "trust the companies that sponsor on these networks," "advertising/sponsorships seem more credible here," "I pay more attention to sponsors [appearing on these networks," and "I’m more likely to buy things that are promoted [on these networks]."

"Everyone is a Network" – IFC and Sundance Channel audiences are significantly more likely to engage with these two networks across all platforms, whereas audiences of competitive networks are more likely to view those networks on linear tv only.

"Not All Consumers are Created Equal" – IFC and Sundance Channel viewers spend more on everything from luxury autos, including car insurance, consumer electronics, and cereal products. Most importantly, as compared to competitive networks’ audiences, these viewers intend to keep spending, despite a weakening economy.

  • IFC and Sundance Channel viewers spend on average $10,000-$15,000 more on luxury autos than viewers of FX, Adult Swim, Comedy Central, Bravo, TLC, and BBC America
  • IFC and Sundance Channel viewers are 2-3 times more likely to buy a luxury automobile during the next year

IFC and Sundance Channel viewers are also much more influential among their peers as compared to viewers of competitive networks. From giving advice on what tech products to purchase, to giving opinions on what television shows and movies to watch, IFC and Sundance Channel viewers can be considered "uber influencers."

"Conventional wisdom says that reach is everything," Shapiro said, "but, in this environment, conventional wisdom is no longer relevant – reaching audiences who have money to spend and who are influential, and reaching them in a way that actually works, is what matters."

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