IFC Commissions 2008 Political Survey to Examine the Nobel Peace Prize Announcement and its Influence on Independent Voters and the American Electorate

Network to Begin Series of Polls That Showcase the Growing Importance of Independent Thought Within the Political Landscape

New York, NY – October 17, 2007 – On the heels of last Friday's announcement that former Vice President Al Gore was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, IFC announced today the results of a new independent survey that examined the significance of the Nobel Prize win on American political culture and its potential impact on the upcoming Presidential race. The national survey was conducted for IFC by Ipsos Insight as part of the network's growing News division, both on-air and online at IFC.com, and overall focus on being the voice of independent culture and thought. As part of this effort, IFC News continues to expand its coverage to make important stories, issues, and events from popular and political culture, such as Gore's accomplishments across film, television and online media, accessible to the network's loyal viewers whenever and wherever they want.

The online survey was conducted using the Ipsos U.S. Internet panel with 1,073 registered voters and those likely to vote in the 2008 election. Data for this study were collected through an Internet-based sampling and data collection methodology using the Ipsos U.S. Internet panel, and accurately reflects the online population (18 years and older) of registered voters and those likely to vote in the 2008 election.

"Our analysis shows that Al Gore's cultural legacy is enormously enhanced by the Nobel Prize," stated IFC General Manager and Executive Vice President Evan Shapiro. "The Nobel was seen as more significant than Mr. Gore's other recent honors, and more meaningful than the one honor that eluded him – the Presidency. Most of all, as the survey indicates, Friday's Nobel announcement has created a valuable moment in time for independent minded votes within the electorate.

"As voters weigh the cost and benefit of each candidate, it is important to note the lasting effect and cultural importance the environment has on the average voter. Across all political affiliations, the environment is seen as a major cultural issue of our time. Interestingly, a large majority (68%) of Americans agree with Al Gore's environmental views, despite the fact that 80 percent of those polled have not seen his film or read his book.

"As a network focused on showcasing independent thought, we believe the independent voters will be the difference in the upcoming election. While this poll was meant to determine how significant an impact Al Gore's Nobel Prize had on the American political culture, where the environment fit into the grander political landscape and how his film and his recognition will effect the coming presidential race, it is our hope that this survey not only provides insightful understanding of our nation, but also a strong voice to those voters who are passionate about the issues, but have not yet found their candidate."

When analyzing the Nobel Peace Prize and its potential influence on Independent voters and the American electorate, the following survey questions were asked of those registered to vote and/or likely to vote in the 2008 Election:

  1. Last Friday, Al Gore was awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.  Do you know why Al Gore won the Nobel Prize this past Friday?
    • Were not aware that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize: 12%
    • Aware Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize, but do not know why he won: 17%
    • Aware Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize and do know why he won: 71%
  2. If he decides to run, do you think Al Gore is a stronger candidate for President NOW than he was in 2000?
    • Yes: 44%
    • No: 56%
  3. Have you read or watched “An Inconvenient Truth”?
    • Yes: 18%
    • No: 79%
    • Not sure: 2%
  4. How much do you agree or disagree with Al Gore’s position on the environment?
    • Strongly Agree: 26%
    • Somewhat Agree: 43%
    • Somewhat Disagree: 16%
    • Strongly Disagree: 16%
    • Top 2 boxes (strongly/somewhat): 68%
  1. Which of the following is the most meaningful award to you?
    • Nobel Prize: 52%  (67% Democrat; 35% Republican; 56% Independent)
    • U.S. Presidency: 42%  (28% Democrat; 61% Republican; 38% Independent)
    • Oscar: 5%  (4% Democrat; 4% Republican; 5% Independent)    
    • Emmy: 1%  (1% Democrat; 0% Republican; 1% Independent)
  2. How much of a role will environmental issues play in your decision when you vote for President?
    • A very strong role:  17% (26% Democrat; 8% Republican; 20% Independent)
    • A moderate role: 42%  (54% Democrat; 32% Republican; 45% Independent)
    • A minor role: 25%  (14% Democrat; 35% Republican; 21% Independent)
    • Will not play into my decision at all: 16%  (5% Democrat; 25% Republican; 14% Independent)
    • Top 2 boxes (strong/moderate): 59%  (81% Democrat; 40% Republican; 65% Independent)
  1. If Al Gore announced his candidacy for President today, how much would this impact your decision?
    • Would vote for Al Gore: 25% (44% Democrat; 5% Republican; 33% Independent)
    • Would vote for another Democratic candidate: 30%  (54% Democrat; 4% Republican; 29% Independent) 
    • Would vote for a Republican candidate: 45%  (3% Democrat; 91% Republican; 38% Independent)

  2. If the elections were held today between a Republican and a Democrat, who do you think would win, regardless who you would prefer to win?
    • A Republican: 33%  (6% Democrat; 60% Republican; 31% Independent)
    • A Democrat: 67%  (94% Democrat; 40% Republican; 69% Independent)

A total of 1,073 voters responded to the survey which was prepared by IFC and conducted by Ipsos Insight between October 15th and 16th, 2007. The results are accurate within 95% certainty, and contain a margin of error of +/- 3 percent.

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