IFC Courts and Then Acquires Girls Will Be Girls

NEW YORK – April 29, 2003 – Continuing its focus to produce and distribute independent minded and diverse films, IFC Entertainment announced today that it has acquired the cross dressing Sundance hit Girls Will Be Girls. The film, which has gained a cult following since it first rocked both Sundance and the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, is directed by Richard Day and produced by Michael Warwick and Richard Ahren and features the tour de force trio of drag lovelies Jack Plotnick, Clinton Leupp, and Jeffery Roberson. The announcement was made by IFC Entertainment President Jonathan Sehring.

"Girls Will Be Girls is one of the funniest, most outrageous movies of 2003 and IFC is very pleased to be able to add it to its slate of independent films," IFC Entertainment President Jonathan Sehring stated. "Shock and Awe might be the two most appropriate words to describe the reaction during the midnight screening of Girls Will Be Girls at this year's Sundance and IFC is very confident about the response it will receive when released it nationwide."

"I'm very excited to be at IFC because they did an such amazing job with 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding,' stated Director Richard Day. "And while there is no Greek wedding in our film, I am big and fat."

Girls Will Be Girls is a wild, wicked, hilarious and outrageous tale of three woman roommates (who happen to be played by men) and their collective and personal trials and tribulations within and without the Hollywood machine. Coco (Clinton Leupp) has dreams of reconnecting with the dreamy doctor who performed surgery on her. She is the constant recipient of verbal pummeling by the very evil, very drunk and very horny Evie (Jack Plotnick), an over-the-hill actress who will do just about anything to get back in the biz. And then there is the ravenous Varla (Jeffery Roberson), the na?ve country girl with an eating disorder, who has her own dreams of making it as an actress.

Girls Will Be Girls is director Richard Day's first film. In television, he has written for and produced "The Larry Sanders Show," "Mad About You," and "Ellen," and has been nominated for three Emmys. He also directed the off-Broadway production of his play "Straight-Jacket," which begins principal photography in May as his follow-up feature film.

Michael Warwick and Richard Ahren produced the film, with Jack Plotnick serving as executive producer.

Sarah Lash brokered the deal on behalf of IFC Films with Cinetic Media on behalf of the producers.

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