IFC Films Acquires Acclaimed Comedy Thomas In Love

LOS ANGELES – January 23, 2001 – IFC Films has acquired all North American distribution rights to Belgium director Pierre-Paul Renders’ unconventional comedy
Thomas in Love from Fortissimo Films, it was announced today by Bob Berney, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Distribution for IFC Films.

IFC Films is planning a July 2001 release for Thomas in Love, which stars Benoit Verhaert, Aylin Yay and Magali Pinglault. The film was produced by
Diana Elbaum, Jacques Bidou, Arlette Zylberberg and written by Philippe Blaasband.
Thomas in Love is a wildly original film that uses the digital format is a way that is completely organic to the story”, said Berney. “The film also opens with a wild sequence that grabs you immediately. This will great fun to distribute.”

Shot in digital video, Thomas in Love is the story of Thomas, an agoraphobic who has not left his home in eight years. His only contact with the outside world is through his computer. Thomas’ life takes a drastic turn when his long-time therapist decides that Thomas needs a change. Against Thomas’ wishes, the therapist signs him up for an on-line dating club. Tomas finds his life, that he had once completely controlled, invaded by women reaching out to him through his computer screen.

Thomas in Love is shot entirely from Thomas’ perspective, only allowing the audience access to the images he receives from people he willingly communicates with and those who intrude his life. Thomas in Love is a production of Entre Chien et Loup, JBA Productions and Radio-T