IFC Films Announces Plan to Tell Kitchen Stories

May 28, 2003 – Continuing to acquire diverse and unique films, IFC has added the acclaimed Norwegian comedic drama, Kitchen Stories, to their slate. IFC Films acquired all U.S. rights in all media to the film, which is written and directed by Bent Hamer and stars Joachim Calmeyer and Tomas Norstrom. The film was one of the most enthusiastically received selections of Directors' Fortnight at Cannes. The acquisition was struck out of the festival and announced by Jonathan Sehring, President of IFC Entertainment.

"Kitchen Stories is a film with a really specific premise but universal appeal," stated Sehring on behalf of IFC Films. "IFC always hopes to work with filmmakers with distinct talent and vision. Kitchen Stories epitomizes the type pf film IFC likes to be involved with. It's smart, funny and heartfelt. Bent Hamer and his team have crafted a beautifully realized gem of a film. IFC is proud to be able to bring this special film to American audiences."

Kitchen Stories is set in 1950's Norway. Sweden's Home Research Institute (HRI) is conducting a research study of the kitchen habits and patterns of single men. Researchers are assigned to a rural Norwegian district where they sleep in egg shaped pea-green trailers at night and perch on ridiculously high wooden chairs during the day, strategically positioned in the corners of the subjects' kitchens. Forbidden to interact with the male homemakers, the researchers simply study and note. The central story is between luckless observer, Nilsson (Norstrom) and a particularly cranky, reluctant farmer Isak (Calmeyer). Full of visual gags, satire and an underscore of social commentary, Kitchen Stories is retro gaze into the kitchens, minds and hearts of those watched and those watching.

Already garnering acclaim in the international circuit, Kitchen Stories has been awarded three times in 2003: Winner of the Fipresci prize at the Tromoso Film Festival, Winner of the Europa Cinema Label prize and winner of the Regard Jeune prize Quinzaine de Realisateurs.

Bent Hamer was born in Norway in 1956 and was educated in Stockholm at the Universitet and Filmskola. He is owner of the film production company BulBul Film. Hamer wrote and directed Eggs (1995) and Water Easy Reach (1998) as well as short films and documentaries.

Sarah Lash (Director of Acquisitions) brokered the deal for IFC Films with Hengameh Panahi of Celluloid Dreams representing the film.

The film will be released in 2004. A specific date is to be determined.

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