IFC Lets “DeMENTED” Director John Waters “RANT” in July/August Issue of New Magazine

John Waters Camps Out Online at www.ifcRANT.com and On Air in IFC Interstitials

ifcRANT, The Independent Film Channel’s (IFC) new consumer magazine bent on expanding the voice of independent film, heads straight into its July/August issue featuring cover boy, John Waters – a director determined to break the rules, filmmaking included. In the publication’s second issue the director of the camp classics Pink Flamingos, Hairspray and Polyester spews on the state of independent film, Hollywood and his latest production, Cecil B. DeMented.

True to the magazine’s promise to deliver the first interactive, cross-platform publication, film lovers will also be able to experience Waters over the airwaves, with ifcRANTS’ short segments on IFC, as well as via exclusive footage online at www.ifcRANT.com. Throughout July and August, the crass crusader gripes about what offends him in the new millennium.

In 1999, the famed director was the subject of an original IFC documentary, In Bad Taste, which featured interviews with some of his favorite actors including Kathleen Turner, Deborah Harry as well as the legendary Divine. To get the scoop directly from the source, viewers can tune in, log on and pick up the July/August issue of ifcRANT – available at newsstands and free at over 500 theater locations nationwide.


Kim Becker

Adam Weinsten

Ann Yershov