IFC Presents Girl-Friends Wednesday, June 12 Beginning at 8:00PM(ET)

The Independent Film Channel (IFC) presents Girl-Friends, an evening with the ladies from Friends, airing Wednesday, June 12 beginning at 8:00PM(ET). No Chandler, no Joey, no Ross. Watch as the female-half of the popular TV sitcom ensemble gets their big screen careers jumpstarted in these independent film jewels.

The Girl-Friends line-up includes:

She's The One (1996) – Directed by Edward Burns
Airs at 8:00PM(ET)

Jennifer Aniston stars in this comedy about a pair of brothers who try to work out the relationship kinks with their wives, mistresses (at least one of them), father, and, ultimately, each other.

Clockwatchers (1997) – Directed by Jill Sprecher
Airs at 9:45PM(ET)

Lisa Kudrow stars in this black comedy about four young women who become fast friends temping at a large corporation. Their jobs — and friendships — get put to the test when their boss hires a new assistant.

Shaking The Tree (1990) – Directed by Duane Clark
Airs at 11:30PM(ET)

Courtney Cox Arquette stars in this story of four inseparable 20-somethings headed for the same inescapable fate — adulthood.

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