IFC’s Touching The Void Breaks Box Office Top Ten

New York, NY (April 30, 2004) – Touching The Void, the mountain climbing documentary, became one of the most profitable indie documentaries of all time this past weekend when it racked up $4,090,821 in domestic box office receipts it was announced today by IFC Vice President of Sales and Distribution Greg Forston. The film opened to record numbers and strong critical acclaim on January 23, 2004 and was supported by an aggressive distribution, promotional and marketing strategy. Negotiations for the film began at Cannes last year after the IFC team viewed a promotional reel at the Festival.

Touching the Void is one of those rare cinematic gems that connects with an audience in some very satisfying ways as a result of a focused, creative distribution and marketing strategy,” commented IFC Film Vice President of Sales and Distribution Greg Forston. “Its thrilling to watch this film continue to break records the way our My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Y Tu Mama Tambien did and is a real testament to the talented marketing and distribution team at IFC.”

When the film premiered in New York City, Denver, Seattle and Washington, DC, in January it took in an average of $19,400 per screen representing the highest per screen average for an IFC Film and also the highest per screen average for any film that weekend. The film is also breaking box office records overseas and is currently the number one documentary in the UK.

Touching The Void’s domestic marketing campaign continues to roll out with a segment on The Oprah Winfrey Show expected in late April and several radio promotions unfolding throughout the country. The campaign kicked off with author Joe Simpson who toured the country in advance of the re-release of his best-selling book of the same name which is currently climbing the New York Times Bestseller list.

Touching The Void sailed past The Fog of War this past weekend making it the top documentary of 2004 and placing it among the top ten indie docs of all time. Other top documentaries on that list include: Bowling For Columbine $21,576,018, Truth or Dare $15,012,935, Winged Migration $10,764,402, Hoop Dreams $7,830,611, Tupac: Resurrection $7,718,961, Buena Vista Social Club $7,002,182, Roger and Me $6,706,368, Spellbound $5,728,581 and Stop Making Sense.

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