In an ABSOLUT® World, Everything is Uncut

IFC and ABSOLUT® Vodka Announce New Multi-Faceted Sponsorship Inspiring Filmmakers to Express Their Indie Spirit

Austin, TX (March 12, 2008) – IFC, the first and largest network dedicated to independent film and culture, and ABSOLUT® VODKA, the world's most iconic spirits brand, announced today a new, multi-faceted sponsorship deal that will uniquely integrate the ABSOLUT brand into IFC's on-air and online content as well as IFC-sponsored film festivals and events taking place throughout the year. The deal includes an exclusive sponsorship of a new IFC Saturday night film strand dubbed "ABSOLUT Indies." In addition, ABSOLUT will sponsor IFC.com's ABSOLUT Indies Short Film Challenge, a new digital film festival and contest encouraging filmmakers to portray their vision for life "In An ABSOLUT World."

The deal further extends the reach of the vodka brand's recently introduced "In An ABSOLUT World" advertising campaign that challenges consumers to take a bold, optimistic view of the world. ABSOLUT is the newest addition to IFC's growing list of multi-platform partnerships and broadens the network's unique business model that offers its partners innovative and non-traditional ways to showcase their brand.

"ABSOLUT perfectly aligns with what IFC represents in that both brands bring new and fresh perspectives to the world," said Alan Klein, IFC's Senior Vice President of Partnerships and Licensing. "As with all of our partners, we are working with ABSOLUT to strategically integrate their brand in an engaging and non-traditional way that will not only provide viewers with entertaining content both on-air and online, but will also tap into the community of Media Lab filmmakers, giving these undiscovered artists an opportunity to showcase their talent."

"ABSOLUT truly embraces the creativity of the independent film industry. As the official U.S. sponsor of the innovative Live Earth Film Series and now a partner with IFC, we are further realizing our commitment to the art of independent film," said Ian Crystal, Brand Director, ABSOLUT Vodka. "Our sponsorship of IFC is a true collaboration and offers another platform for our 'In An ABSOLUT World' campaign, providing a forum to challenge aspiring filmmakers to express themselves."

Beginning this month, ABSOLUT is being integrated into IFC's on-air programming with the launch of the "ABSOLUT Indies" film strand. Every Saturday night on IFC, "ABSOLUT Indies" presents a double feature of two must-see independent films – totally uncensored, uncut and uninterrupted by commercials, exactly as the filmmakers intended them to be seen. The film strand opens with a customized 45-second graphic gateway, created by IFC, which sets the tone for the "ABSOLUT Indies" double feature while presenting preview clips of that night's films. Featured films from the new strand include The Cooler, Gosford Park, Bowling for Columbine, Elephant, and Kinsey, among others.

Before the first film begins, the IFC custom gateway will transition to an ABSOLUT Indies Short Film Festival. The Short Film Festival will showcase an ever-changing collection of shorts that express the variety and idealism of the indie spirit. Shorts featured in the Festival will include films from the Live Earth Film Series (liveearth.absolut.com), a collection of educational and compelling short films about the effects of global warming.

"ABSOLUT Indies" will also be the launch-pad for IFC.com's ABSOLUT Indies Short Film Challenge, an ongoing digital film festival and contest run by Media Lab Studios, IFC's new independent film studio focusing on web and on-air content. Media Lab Studios will ask aspiring filmmakers for submissions that depict their vision of "In An ABSOLUT World" using the Live Earth Film Series as an inspiration. Qualifying films will be exhibited on ABSOLUT.com, IFC.com, and in the Saturday night ABSOLUT Indies Short Film Festival airing on IFC.


In addition to the online and on-air integration, ABSOLUT will have a strong presence at IFC-sponsored film festivals and events. The 2008 SXSW Festival will be the first of these festivals, with ABSOLUT presenting IFC's 2008 Crossroads Party on March 11, 2008 at Parish in Austin, Texas. Additional festival presence for ABSOLUT will include the Tribeca Film Festival and the Los Angeles Film Festival, among others.

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