Legendary NY Landmarks Take Center Stage on MetroTV’s New York Stories

Evening of Documentaries Includes Profile of the Twin Towers

New York, NY – October 22, 2001 – MetroTV’s New York Stories
will present an evening of documentaries that celebrate the history and culture
behind some of New York’s legendary landmarks. On Sunday, November 4,
at 9pm, MetroTV premieres a new documentary about the World Trade Center
that follows the design and construction of the Twin Towers. It will be followed
by profiles of the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, Statue of Liberty,
Empire State Building, and The Chelsea Hotel. The programming includes commentary
from Actor John Malkovich (Chrylser Building), Architect Phillip Johnson
(Grand Central Station), Financier David Rockefeller (Twin Towers) and
Pulitzer-Prize winning architectural critic Paul Goldberger (Twin Towers).
MetroTV can be seen on Time Warner Cable channel 70 and Cablevision
channel 16.

Sunday, November 4

  • 9PM: World Trade Center
    MetroTV takes viewers on an architectural and cultural journey exploring the
    sentiments surrounding the design, construction, and history of the World
    Trade Center. The show interviews architects, cultural historians, engineers
    & construction workers who were involved in the building of the towers.
  • 10PM: Empire State Building:
    Built in 1931 as the brainchild of Shreve, Lamb and Harmon associates, the
    Empire State Building was built by John Jacob Rascob of General Motors as
    a response to Walter Chrysler’s famed skyscraper. The ESB stands today
    at 1250-feet with 102 stories, welcoming nearly 4 million visitors a year.
  • 11PM: The Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station and The Statue of

    The Chrysler Building: Open to the public May 27, 1930, The
    Chrysler Building is 1046 feet high with 77 stories. For a brief time, it
    was the highest building in the world until the Empire State Building climbed
    past it. The documentary, narrated by actor John Malkovich, explores the history
    of the building and the reason why it’s his favorite NYC landmark.
    Grand Central Station: Renowned architect Phillip Johnson takes
    viewers through the 42nd Street/Park Avenue landmark.
    We Put Her There – “Statue of Liberty”: This documentary takes
    viewers through the development and delivery of the Statue of Liberty. Located
    in New York Harbor, the Statue of Liberty was a gift of international friendship
    from the people of France to the people of the United States, and is one of
    the most universal symbols of political freedom and democracy.
  • 12AM: The Chelsea Hotel:
    The Chelsea Hotel resides on West 23rd Street. Originally built as an apartment
    house, rather than as a hotel, the building has entertained some of the most
    eclectic and diverse cultural icons of our time. The hour-long documentary
    examines the history of the hotel and the culture of its patrons. The film
    features Andy Warhol, George Kleinsinger, composer of “Tubby the Tuba”, Composer
    Virgil Thompson, Artist Larry Rivers and Writer Quentin Crisp. It’s been
    said that people stay at the Chelsea because of its creative atmosphere: thick
    walls, high ceilings, and friendly people.

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