Mag Rack Takes Women to “Pleasure Bootcamp” with the Television Debut of “Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts”

Original 20-Part Television Series
Based on Popular Workshops and Best-Selling Book Series
Premieres On-Demand August 4

New York, NY, June 6, 2005 – Move aside, Oprah and Drs. Ruth, Phil and Kinsey. There’s a vivacious, sexy and hugely entertaining new icon of self-discovery set to take television’s center stage, one who has shown women (and their mates) that the key to a fully-satisfying life – in everywhere from the bedroom to the boardroom – lies in her discovering and practicing as often as possible “the power of pleasure.”

The woman is Regena “Mama Gena” Thomashauer, the founder of “Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts.” In her long-running series of workshops and three books, Mama has helped thousands of her fellow “Sister Goddesses” learn to flirt, date, fall in love, have dynamite sex and their way with the world outside their bedroom by discovering the power of their sensuality. When it comes to Mama Gena and her methods, Alex Witchel of The New York Times may have put it best – “She looks like Ava Gardner, thinks like Marie Curie and makes Dorothy Parker seem tongue-tied… Think of it as the Power of Positive Thinking, as interpreted by Anais Nin.”

On August 4, Mama Gena will be making her television series debut on Mag Rack, the premiere on-demand television network launched in 2001 by Rainbow Media. The original 20-episode series, entitled “Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts,” will bring the intimacy, sorority, humor and transformative power of her workshops to television for the first time – on-demand, at the touch of a button, whenever viewers want.

We have no doubt that ‘Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts’ will be a hit with not only our women viewers, but with anyone interested in putting more oomph into their everyday lives,” said Cyndy Cecil, vice president of programming for Mag Rack. “Regena’s curriculum of pleasure and fun brings a new twist to our tagline, ‘TV for Whatever Turns You On’.”

“This series is a big step forward for Mag Rack and towards building an audience for original shows that can only be found on-demand,” states Dan Ronayne, general manager of Mag Rack. “Regena is gorgeous, provocative and so enlightened about the ways of love and self-empowerment that she could bring out the inner Goddess in anyone… even me!”

Now, for the first time on television, women across the country can revel in the energy of Mama Gena, when she coaches viewers through a series of irreverent and life-changing “skills classes” based on the sold-out “pleasure bootcamps” she has been conducting in New York City for nearly a decade.

For Mag Rack’s original signature series, the network has re-created the classroom setting and enrolled 15-20 students (aka “Sister Goddesses”) to participate in a curriculum of courses and exercises designed exclusively for television by Mama herself. A new 10 – 30 minute episode will be available for on-demand viewing every week. Each month until December, four new episodes will premiere on Mag Rack. The subject matter includes:

  • Flirting Tips: According to Mama, flirting is programmed into our DNA at birth. We flirt with cute babies and pretty puppies, so why not take the same instinctual approach to the opposite sex? For safe exploratory ventures flirting with strangers, Mama preaches of the benefits of a “wingwoman” – flying with a friend who can pull you out of a dive when things go south…
  • Create Your Desire: You create lists for the grocery store and holiday gifting giving, so why not for what you truly desire in the world of amour, work and beyond? Mama’s “Desire List” is not only a way to clarify your visions and wants, but the first step on the path to realizing them…
  • Have Fun No Matter What You’re Doing: From a car trip to household chores like laundry to a first date with zero chemistry, Mama teaches women to discover the joy in even the most routine and patience-testing life experiences…
  • Dating Tips for Men: A primer that can turn any clueless lug into a suave lothario. From planning the site for your date to simple spiffing and conversational tips, Mama makes suggestions that can make every new meeting an adventure in pleasure for both sexes…
  • Owners & Operators Guide to Men: In Mama’s world, men above all desire to pleasure women, unfortunately, their women don’t give them operating instruction. In this episode, Mama shows women what they need to impart to their men to make the most of their togetherness, so they remember everything from their birthdays to the bedroom “turn ons”…
  • Pleasure Renovations: For Home & Office: In the Mama Gena universe, it is paramount that the two most important environments in your life – your home and office – be transformed pronto into pleasure palaces. In this episode, Mama shows how the right music, “pamper products,” pictures of hot men and more can keep a woman’s mind on her pleasure and passion, in the home and the workplace…

Regena Thomashauer is a self-professed “diva of desire” – an icon, a movement, and a revolution rolled into the body of one hot woman. She is one of a handful of pioneers dedicating her life to researching the nature of pleasure and its relationship to health, well being and overall fulfillment.

Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts is a division of her company called Relationship Technologies, which has grown from delivering courses in a studio to conducting two to three seminars a week in Mama’s three-story brownstone. Since publishing her first book in 2002, she has authored two additional titles, “Mama Gena’s Owners & Operators Guide to Men” (2003) and “Mama Gena’s Marriage Manual” (2004). She had been featured and quoted in numerous national media, from television shows 20/20, Late Night with Conan O’Brien and The Today Show to Newsweek, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire and The New York Times.

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