Metro Celebrates Spring with A 12-Hour Marathon Of 3rd DATE

13 Episodes Documenting the Sometime Happy, Sometimes Miserable
Make-or-Break Dates of Real-Life New Yorkers
Beginning Tuesday, March 20 @ 10PM
Ending Wednesday, March 21@ 10 AM

New York, NY, March 16, 2001 – When spring is in the air, New Yorkers’ thoughts turn to the birds and the bees. To celebrate the arrival of the season of budding flowers and blooming love, Metro will telecast a 24-hour marathon of 3rd DATE, its off-beat weekly show that documents real-life New York couples on this make-or-break juncture in their young relationships.

The 3rd DATE marathon will take place Tuesday, March 20th beginning at 10 PM on Metro (Time Warner Cable, Channel 70; Cablevision, Channel 16). The 12-hours will include 13 episodes chronicling the dates of 39 New York couples, as they flirt, and sometimes fight, to a sometimes happy, sometimes lusty and once in a while disastrous conclusion.

Each episode of 3rd DATE follows three couples who have made it to that kiss and tell, make-it-or-break-it juncture time in the dating ritual. Cameras are there for everything from the pre-date chat to the actual table where the nervous couples sit down together on their big night out. Metro also gets the final word from the potential partners in one-on-one post-date interviews, where each answers two big questions: did they go “all the way” and, if not, will there be a 4th date!

“Everyone is fascinated with reality television, watching their fellow man and woman tackle everything from a Road Rules-styled road trips to survival on a tropical island,” says Judith Tolkow, Vice President of Programming and Development for Metro. “Dating, especially the crucial 3rd date, is the ultimate drama, one where you can see all sides of people – from bravado to sincerity. It is especially great TV because there’s always a sensational, and sometimes very sexy, cliffhanger ending. We could think of no more appropriate way to welcome in the spring.”

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