MetroTV Exposes the Real New York Singles Scene With 8-Part Documentary Series Debuting in March

To Live and Date in New York Begins on Sunday, March 3rd at 9PM with the first of 8 episodes

NEW YORK, N.Y., February 11, 2002 – A true-to-life original documentary series about what it’s like to live and date in New York is coming to cosmo-clad living rooms across the metropolitan area. In its original series To Live and Date in New York, MetroTV (Time Warner Cable channel 70 – Cablevision channel 16) uncovers the racy adventures of 11 real-life single women in New York City.

Every Sunday at 9PM beginning March 3rd through April 21st viewers can experience a fly-on-the-wall closeness to being unabashedly single in New York. Last summer, during the height of dating season, MetroTV‘s cameras followed seven of the women on first dates, blind dates, wild dates and complete duds. The other four women, appropriately dubbed “The Barracudas,” bring new meaning to girl talk by sharing intimate and shocking tales of bad boyfriends, sexual exploits, and dangerous flirting over brunch and cocktails.

“It’s ‘Real World’ meets ‘Sex and the City’,” said Judith Tolkow, VP of Programming and Development at MetroTV. “We were really blown away by the documentary footage — to see single life in New York so honestly portrayed. Viewers won’t want to miss a single episode.”

Meet Gigi, Natasha, Leoni, Lauren, Allison, Penny, Wendy, Kathy, Donna, Sandra and Kathleen:

GIGI, is the sharp brunette reporter for NY-1. Raised on the upper-east-side, Gigi has dated every single Jewish guy in New York, or so she says. Always impeccably dressed and charming on camera, Gigi makes hard news a little easier to swallow.

ALLISON, has mastered the art of juggling men. Unlike many other women, she doesn’t want marriage and children. At 6’1″ with beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes, Allison enjoys a successful modeling career.

LEONI, makes a living as a seductive decoy for potentially cheating men. With a soft spot for younger male models, Leoni and her best friend, Eve, invade New York City’s hottest night-clubs looking for action.

LAUREN, calls herself a BAP (Black American Princess). This attorney-turned-singer has an explosive personality and a lot of opinions about men and she isn’t afraid to express a single one of them.

PENNY, is a British bombshell with a smart perspective on the New York dating scene. At 5″7 and 110 pounds, this public relations executive needs no help promoting herself.

WENDY, knows when she’s a got a “keeper”. Her pint-size dog Lucky gives her the nod. As Editor of Animal Fair magazine, she likes to make herself seen in the Manhattan publishing scene.

NATASHA is a career minded British banker who men practically drool over. Only in New York for a year she is already a familiar face at some of New York City’s hottest bars and lounges’

The Barracudas:

KATHY, works as a bartender. She spends her free time going on auditions for acting gigs and looking for her next date. Kathy is more than happy being single.

DONNA, is a budding indie film actress with a modeling career to match. The special guy in her life is hardly ever in town. When the cat’s away, Donna’s at play.

SANDRA, has just come out of a long marriage and is newly single. The business manager for a software sales company, Sandra has a knack for picking out just the right wine on a date. She’s even selected her favorites for the “first date wine” and “the evening after the night before” categories.

KATHLEEN, cuts the hair of extremely wealthy Wall Street bankers. When it comes to relationships, Kathleen says she’s driving the car. If the men don’t like it, they can find another ride.

To Live and Date in NY is a co-production between MetroTV and September Films. September Films is a global production and content company based in London, Los Angeles and New York.

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