Robert Sullivan Promoted to Executive Vice President for Rainbow Advertising Sales Corporation (RASCO)

Expands Management Responsibility for RASCO's Regional News Rep and Rainbow Interactive Sales

(April 6, 2001) Robert Sullivan has been promoted to Executive Vice President for Rainbow Advertising Sales Corporation (RASCO), it was announced today by David Kline, President and COO of RASCO.

In his expanded role, Mr. Sullivan will be responsible for the management of RASCO's Regional News Rep and Rainbow Interactive Sales. He will maintain his leadership and management of the News 12 Networks Sales group and RASCO's Local Sales Division. . With the addition of these two sales groups, Mr. Sullivan will manage 350 people, and have responsibility for $140 million advertising sales revenue.

"Under Bob's leadership, News 12 Long Island has become the advertising sales benchmark for the nation's regional news channels. With Bob's management skills and tremendous sales experience, we are confident that he will continue to generate significant success for RASCO," said Mr. Kline.

Mr. Sullivan began his career at Cablevision in 1982 selling cable service. He moved into advertising sales in 1984, joining the ad sales department as an account executive. Since that time, he has risen steadily through the management ranks, taking on increasing responsibility and bringing significant value to the Company.

In his management of the Regional News Rep, Mr. Sullivan will lead an effort to expand its advertising reach. Created in 1998, Regional News Rep is the nation's leading sales rep firm for regional news channels nationwide. With more than 25 million affiliated basic subs, it represents over 90% of all regional news channels subs. Mr. Sullivan will also manage the packaging of video advertising with online inventory for Rainbow's and Cablevision's various web sites.

About Rainbow Advertising Sales Corporation
Formed in 1984, Rainbow Advertising Sales Corporation (RASCO), the advertising division of Rainbow Media Holdings, Inc., is now the cable industry's largest and most diverse advertising representation firm. With a staff of more than 500 sales professionals in 32 offices nationwide, RASCO manages 9 divisions: Local, New York Interconnect (NYI), Regional News Rep (RNR), News 12 Sales, MetroChannels, MuchMusic USA, Bravo Networks, AMC Networks and Interactive Sales.

About Rainbow Media Holdings, Inc.
Rainbow Media Holdings, Inc., a subsidiary of Cablevision Systems Corporation and NBC, is at the forefront of innovation in cable programming. Rainbow manages American Movie Classics, Romance Classics, Bravo, The Independent Film Channel, MuchMusic USA, Rainbow Sports, News 12 Networks and MetroChannels as well as the Rainbow Advertising Sales Corporation and Rainbow Network Communications. Rainbow holds a majority stake in Madison Square Garden Properties, which includes the Madison Square Garden Arena complex, the Knicks and the Rangers professional sports teams, the MSG television network, Radio City Entertainment and a long-term lease on Radio City Music Hall. In addition, Rainbow is a fifty-percent partner in Fox Sports Net.

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