Romance Classics Presents a Double Dose Of Cinematherapy This May

BETHPAGE, NEW YORK, April 4, 2000 – In need of more Cinematherapy? Join ROMANCE CLASSICS as the network presents a double dose of “CINEMATHERAPY, Movies for Every Mood” this May. Films will air at 8:00 PM (ET) and 10:00 PM (ET) each weeknight and at 9:00 PM (ET) and 11:00 PM (ET) on the weekend.

A good flick is soothing tonic that can cure everything from an identity crisis to a boyfriend catastrophe to the working girl blues. Now every night in prime time, Romance Classics presents a double dose of “CINEMATHERAPY, Movies For Every Mood.” We invite our women viewers to close the door, disconnect the phone, settle under the comforter and get ready to absorb the therapeutic benefits of Romance Classics’ Cinematherapists, Kate and Jessie. Well-endowed with equal doses of worldly wisdom and tongue-in-cheek humor, Kate and Jessie will offer memorable guidance to modern women, and prescribe the perfect cinematic treatment to suit every mood. The Double Dose Cinematherapy lineup:

Sunday, May 7  
9:00 PM (ET) FUNNY FACE starring Audrey Hepburn
Theme: Seeking Greener Pastures
11:00 PM (ET) COUCH IN NEW YORK starring Juliette Binoche
Theme: Seeking Greener Pastures
Thursday, May 18  
8:00 PM (ET) NORMA RAE starring Sally Field
Theme: Dysfunctional Romance
10:00 PM (ET) JACK and SARAH starring Samantha Mathis
Theme: Earth Mother
Saturday, May 20  
9:00 PM (ET) THE MATCHMAKER starring Janeane Garofalo
Theme: Working Girl Blues
10:45 PM (ET) THE FLAVOR starring Brad Pitt
Theme: Handy Hunk Night
Saturday, May 27  
9:00 PM (ET) BREATHLESS starring Richard Gere
Theme: Dysfunctional Romance
10:45 PM (ET) PRINCESS CARABOO starring Phoebe Cates
Theme: Seeking Greener Pastures

Romance Classics provides an oasis of entertainment for women 24 hours a day. It is “Time Out TV” that helps women reconnect, refocus and rediscover the issues that are most important to them: family, relationships, well being and new experiences.


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