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Some of the Most Spectacular College Athletes Compete on the Sidelines

WE tv Presents The Original Series

"Cheerleader U"
World Premiere Wednesday, March 21, 2007
At 10pm ET & PT /9 C

PASADENA, CA, January 12, 2007 – They are the Tiger Woods of tumbling, the Michael Jordans of jumping, the Serena Williams of spotting. They are the University of Kentucky Cheerleaders, the defending National Champions and recognized in collegiate circles as the finest cheer program in America. What does it take to be part of this dynasty? From back handsprings to basket tosses, "Cheerleader U.," the new original series from WE tv, goes behind the scenes as legendary Coach Jomo Thompson assembles this year's squad and begins the quest for another title. "Cheerleader U." consists of six, 30-minute episodes premiering Wednesday, March 21, 2007 at 10pm ET & PT /9 C.

With 14 National Championships, the current title and odds-on favorite for the 2006-07 season, the University of Kentucky Wildcats have become a cheerleading institution. The UK cheerleaders are recognized as outstanding athletes, and they come from around the country to be part of this championship tradition, all under the watchful eye of Coach Jomo Thompson. What level of dedication and athleticism makes you a part of this elite squad and a National Champion? Watch to see what all the blood, sweat and tears mean something in the end.

"Cheerleader U." follows a group of enthusiastic hopefuls from across America who undertake a grueling audition process to make the team. Once selected, the squad participates in a sweltering summer camp – where they check out their national competition. Back in school, the cheerleaders try to balance the demands of being an elite athlete with their demands as students, and their responsibilities performing at UK football and basketball games. All the while, their sights are keenly focused on preparing for the National Championship in January. In the end, Coach Jomo must select from the team a "supergroup" that will compete in the Championship. Who will Jomo name, and will last-minute decisions threaten the winning streak?

For WE tv, Steve Cheskin, Executive in Charge of Production; Gena McCarthy, VP Development & Production; Megan Wilson, Series Producer. "Cheerleader U." is produced for by Tomwil Entertainment. The Executive Producers for Tomwil Entertainment are Wilda and Jim Rokos.

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