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Following the October premiere of the enticing true crime docuseries NO ONE SAW A THING (Trailer), AMC Networks’ streaming service Sundance Now is thrilled to announce its even more addicting November slate, featuring the exclusive U.S. Premieres of “The thriller you’ll be obsessing over this week… intense, absorbing television” (Refinery29) in British thriller CHEAT (Trailer), revolving around the dangerous relationship between a university professor and her student, on Thurs. Nov. 21. Additionally, the BAFTA-nominated BBC comedy MOTHERLAND, Season 2 (Trailer) premieres on Tues., Nov. 12 and No One Saw a Thing reaches its thrilling conclusion  in the final episode premiering on Thurs., Nov. 7.

Throughout November, Sundance Now also adds:

  • Additional episodes and the finale of SundanceTV’s true medical miniseries UNSPEAKABLE starring Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) and Michael Shanks (Saving Hope, Stargate: SG-1)
  • French documentary THE COMPETITION about the elite French film school, La Fémis and the process by which only 40 students out of 1,000 applicants are accepted and why.
  • Irish legal drama STRIKING OUT, Season 2 starring Amy Huberman (Finding Joy, Cold Feet), Neil Morrissey (The Night Manager, Line of Duty) and Maria Doyle Kennedy (Orphan Black, The Tudors, Dexter)

The detailed November 2019 calendar is below.

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November 2019 Sundance Now Calendar

Friday, Nov. 1



The French film school La Fémis, which accepts only around 1 percent of applicants to its directing program, has a well-earned reputation as one of the most exclusive institutions of its kind. It promises world-class instruction and facilities to budding filmmakers, provided they speak near-fluent French and can pass its notoriously grueling, capricious, and competitive undergraduate admissions cycle—which, even for the lucky fraction who advance to the third and final round, usually ends in rejection. Claire Simon’s documentary The Competition offers a close look at this process.

UNSPEAKABLE, Ep 6 (Streaming Exclusive)


Justice Horace Krever (Matt Craven, A Few Good Men, X-Men: First Class) leads an inquiry into the tainted blood scandal. Ben’s (Shawn Doyle, Frequency) quest for revenge intensifies. The people Krever intends to accuse take him to court.

Thursday, Nov. 7

NO ONE SAW A THING, Ep 5 (Sundance Now Original Series, Streaming Exclusive)

“Never boring and often fascinating” –
“Captivating” – 
The Hollywood Reporter


New clues bring hope for closure. Sheriff Espey is now confident that Branson Perry was a victim of homicide due to drug world connections, but will his evidence be enough to file charges? Tragedy visits Skidmore again when Bobbie Jo Stinnett is murdered at 8 months pregnant, her baby stolen from her womb. With an infant’s life at stake, Skidmore finally springs to action to help with the case.

Friday, Nov. 8

UNSPEAKABLE, Ep 7 (Streaming Exclusive)

The supreme court rules in favor of Krever (Matt Craven) and his report finally comes out. The report names many for wrongdoing and aims to rebuild the flawed blood system in Canada. While victims still suffer and loved ones mourn the dead, at least many feel that their voices were heard and those responsible were held accountable. But Ben (Shawn Doyle) is not satisfied and pushes for criminal charges.

Tuesday, Nov. 12

MOTHERLAND, Season 2 (Exclusive)


BAFTA-nominated BBC comedy about a group of “alpha moms” who navigate the challenges of parenthood and try to balance their social and professional lives despite frequent hang-ups and misunderstandings. Created and written by Graham Linehan (The IT Crowd, Father Ted) and Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret). Starring Anna Maxwell Martin (The Bletchley Circle, Midwinter of the Spirit, Good Omens, Line of Duty) and Lucy Punch (Ella Enchanted, Hot Fuzz).

Thursday, Nov. 14

NO ONE SAW A THING, Ep 6 (Finale) (Sundance Now Original Series Streaming Exclusive)

Stinnett’s baby is rescued; her killer captured and sentenced to death. A Skidmore murder finally has closure. Residents hope to move past the Ken Rex curse, but there’s no denying the cycle of violence. Ken Rex’s family accepts that they may never learn the truth – the town paying for its sins is enough for them. Skidmore aches to move on, but it’s clear they will never break their silence.

Friday, Nov. 15

UNSPEAKABLE, Ep 8 (Finale, Streaming Exclusive)

As the criminal trial falls apart, Ben (Shawn Doyle) considers taking matters into his own hands. Peter (Levi Meaden, The Killing, Aftermath) and Ryan (Alex Rose, Timeless, The Terror) both struggle with illness while forging families of their own. In 2015, both of their lives hang in the balance as the tragedy finally threatens to catch up to them.

Thursday, Nov. 21

CHEAT, Ep 1 (Exclusive U.S. Premiere)

“The thriller you’ll be obsessing over this week… intense, absorbing television” Refinery29

“One of the strongest drama offerings of the year”HuffPost


University lecturer Dr. Leah Dale (Katherine Kelly, Happy Valley, The Night Manager) has always prided herself on her academic integrity, so when final year student Rose (Molly Windsor, The Runaways, Three Girls) submits a suspiciously top-grade essay, Leah is quick to call her out. But there’s more going on than meets the eye as Rose takes the challenge as a personal affront. what begins as a seemingly open-and-shut case of academic deception soon spirals out of control. Co-starring Tom Goodman-Hill (Humans, The Imitation Game, Mr Selfridge) and Peter Firth (Victoria, The Hunt for Red October)

Monday, Nov. 25



As the hit Irish legal drama returns, (maybe move the as here instead?) solicitor Tara Rafferty (Amy Huberman, Finding Joy, Cold Feet) is embattled but not beaten. She has built a new life for herself after leaving her cheating fiancé and the high-powered law firm where they both worked. But with one of her employees betraying her and another in jail, she struggles to keep her fledgling practice afloat. Convinced that her former boss—Eric’s scheming father—is behind it all, Tara decides to strike back. To pay the bills, Tara takes on clients whose legal problems range from deportation, to divorce from a bigamist, to a lawsuit against a convent. As she frequently faces off against her former fiancé and colleagues in court, Tara’s mentor, Vincent (Neil Morrissey, The Night Manager, Line of Duty), leads a high-level corruption inquiry that could endanger them both. (2018, 6 EPS)

Thursday, Nov. 28

CHEAT, Ep 2 (Exclusive U.S. Premiere)

With relations becoming increasingly hostile, Leah (Katherine Kelly) resorts to more extreme measures to expose Rose (Molly Windsor), and as tensions flare between Leah and Adam (Tom Goodman-Hill), could it be that her husband is taking Rose’s side? Rose seems to pursue a more personal retaliation against Leah, but who is telling the truth?


From AMC Networks, Sundance Now is for culture craving TV watchers looking for their next series to obsess over and offers a rich selection of original and exclusive series from engrossing true crime to heart-stopping dramas and fiercely intelligent thrillers from around the world, all streaming on demand and commercial-free. Exclusive new programs are added every week. Sundance Now has exclusively premiered several distinctive, critically acclaimed Sundance Now Original Series, including fantasy drama A Discovery of Witches starring Matthew Goode and Theresa Palmer; glamourous thriller Riviera starring Julia Stiles; British mystery drama The Cry starring Jenna Coleman; and French spy thriller The Bureau, as well as exclusively streamed SundanceTV’s Emmy Award winning State of the Union starring Rosamund Pike and Chris O’Dowd; plus AMC/BBC’s acclaimed spy miniseries The Little Drummer Girl; as well as riveting true crime series Killing for Love with Amanda Knox’s podcast. Sundance Now can be enjoyed on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, as well as Apple TV and Amazon Prime add-on channels. Sundance Now is $6.99/month or $4.99/month with an annual membership. No cable subscription is needed.

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