The Independent Film Channel Launches Most Ambitious Affiliate Marketing Campaign To Date: IFC’s Phenomenal Dinner For Five Cable Modem and Digital Up-Sell Campaign

Campaign Offers Compelling Incentives for Cable Customers to Purchase Cable Modems and Digital Cable

AT&T, Comcast and Charter Communications Systems on Board

IFC announced today that it has formed strategic partnerships with multiple MSO's to launch IFC's PHENOMENAL DINNER FOR FIVE digital cable and cable modem up-selling campaign. IFC has designed a full scale, customized year-long affiliate marketing campaign geared to drive affiliate revenue through increased sales of cable modems and digital tiers.

This campaign is centered on IFC's original series, Dinner For Five created and hosted by Jon Favreau. Dinner For Five features many of the biggest players in the entertainment world including Peter Falk, Vince Vaughn, Garry Shandling, Cheri Oteri, Christian Slater, Ron Livingston, Illeana Douglas, Jeff Goldblum, Rod Steiger, Kevin Pollak, Fred Willard and Sarah Silverman, and will premiere on IFC on Monday, April 15 at 8:00 ET/PT.

Participating MSO's include several Pennsylvania/Philadelphia Comcast systems, AT&T in Portland, AT&T in Atlanta and Charter Communications in St. Louis. This national call-to-action initiative is a multimedia marketing campaign aimed specifically at promoting the value of cable modems and digital tiers to cable customers. The announcement was made today by Gregg Hill, Executive Vice President, Affiliate Sales and Marketing, Bravo Networks.

"IFC offers programming that is unparalleled by any other digital tier-driving service today. We are confident that viewers will be motivated to upgrade to digital subscriptions. Furthermore, we are proud to present a tier driven product that helps our partnering cable affiliates enhance their revenue and drive the cable industry forward," commented Hill.

Benefiting from the network's new original series Dinner For Five, IFC has developed cross channel spots featuring Jon Favreau to demonstrate the value of digital cable and cable modems. This unprecedented advertising approach is customized to the affiliate's digital box businesses, is targeted at IFC's core audiences and will air on IFC. These call-to-action spots raise awareness of the opportunity for viewers to "up-sell" to the IFC digital tier, to receive the most extensive independent film library on television – combined with original series, live events all uncut and commercial-free. In addition, local media purchase potential will be significantly enhanced through a matching funds program.

The local media complements a major national media campaign in publications such as Premiere, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and wide local broadcast, spot channel and radio in top markets.

To enhance local incentives, cable customers in selected areas who upgrade to digital cable service or purchase cable modems during a particular month will receive a year-long subscription to IFCRant, the network's consumer magazine. Additionally, "up-graders" will receive a customized IFC watch as a gift with purchase.

IFC's Web site, www.iftv.com demonstrates the power of a high-speed connection. The site's extensive streaming video clips best viewed with a cable modem feature exclusive, Dinner For Five content including, an interactive game exclusive outtakes, and sneak previews of episodes. Advisory text regarding cable modems and hyperlinks accompany content, directing users to visit Go2Broadband to purchase a cable modem from participating affiliates.

"Our partnership with IFC makes perfect sense," comments Reg Griffin, Executive Director of Communications, AT&T Broadband-Atlanta. "AT&T is a leader in enhancing the future of digital cable technology. Our digital cable services parallel our dedication toward providing customers with the most extensive channel line up featuring the highest quality programming available while IFC continues to offer its viewers the most extensive choice of independent film on television."

"There are no scripts, pre-interviews, studio audiences or pre-determined lists of topics. 'Dinner For Five' is just an open forum for people in the community to discuss whatever is on their mind," says Favreau. "Plus, IFC lets you drink and curse so we felt free to be ourselves."

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