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This Valentine’s Day, Indulge in Therapy…..Cinematherapy

WE: Women's Entertainment Original Special, "Cinematherapy for Lovers" to Premiere February 14 at 8:30 PM/ET

JERICHO, NY, January 7, 2003 – Movies are more than entertainment…they're couples therapy! If you're looking to meet Mr. Right, dump Mr. Wrong, inspire Mr. Reluctant to propose, or rekindle the passion with a long-term valentine, help is no further away than the remote control. This Valentine's Day, February 14 at 8:30 PM ET, sink into your sofa and explore the healing power of film with CINEMATHERAPY FOR LOVERS, a half-hour original special from WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT, offering 14 cinematherapeutic prescriptions to help you find true love, one movie at a time.

Here are WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT'S top picks for the best films to films to help you find true love this Valentine's Day, one movie at a time:

When you're ready to get cozy:

Bridget Jones' Diary – In the mood to generate some Valentine's Day heat? Get those sparks flying with Bridget Jones' Diary, a "Canoodle Movie" that reminds us that the first rule in good canoodling is self acceptance – and that true love means never having to ask 'do I look fat?'

When you're ready to cut to the chase:
Thomas Crown Affair – If you're impatient with all the Valentine's Day preliminaries, cut to the chase with The Thomas Crown Affair, a "Feeding the Flame Movie" that will fan those flames of flirtation into a roaring blaze, and infuse your own Valentine's Day cat and mouse game with a new sense of urgency.

When you've got a sweet tooth for a little Valentine's Day eye candy:
Ocean's Eleven – Have a sweet tooth? If your ideal box of Valentine's Day eye candy is an assortment of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Andy Garcia with a sprinkling of Casey Affleck on top, then indulge in Oceans Eleven, a Cinematherapy "Handy Hunk Movie" guaranteed to feed your need.

Ready to hear those magic words but your Valentine is terminally tongue-tied?
Shrek – Loosen his lips with Shrek, a "Hook, Line and Sinker Movie" that will reassure you both that you don't have to be a Fairy Princess or a Prince Charming to find your happily ever after, just an ability to look beneath the surface, and recognize true love when it comes along.

Feeling like a solo singer in a world full of love duets?
Ghost World – Have you been waiting so long at the bus stop of love that you're beginning to wonder if your route has been cancelled? Celebrate the uncertainty with Ghost World, a "New Happily Ever After Movie" that remind you that love will pull up to the curb and open the door, so long as you don't leave the bus stop before your miracle arrives.

When feel like celebrating with the sisterhood:
How Stella Got Her Groove Back – If you're taking a rain check on romance, and spending your Valentine's Day with the reliable members of your support system, celebrate the sisterhood with a "Girl's Only Valentine's Night In Movie." How Stella Got Her Groove Back will help you focus on the love that is in your life, and comfort you that you'll always get by with a little help from your friends.

When you need a vacation from all the hearts and flowers:
Sid and Nancy – Need a vacation from all the hearts and flowers? Quench your thirst for the dark side with a "Codependent Romance Movie." Sid and Nancy will make even the most dysfunctional valentines feel better about their own love life by comparison, and remind us all to count our blessings, because things could definitely be worse.

When you're bitter and blue:
Fatal Attraction – If you've got a hankering to get even this Valentine's Day, strike back with Fatal Attraction, a "Dumped and Out for Blood Movie" that will vicariously slake your thirst for revenge, without having to face the inflated insurance premiums in the morning.

When you need to be reminded that you're never alone&#58
Chocolat – If you're all alone on Valentine's Day, keep yourself company with a little Chocolat. This Love is All Around You Movie will remind you that if you have in your heart, you'll have love in your life, and so long as there's chocolate in the world, no woman is ever truly alone.

When you're ready to cry a river:
An Affair to Remember – Go ahead and let it all out with an Affair to Remember, a Valentine's Day "Pity Party Pic" that reminds us that sometimes a good catharsis is exactly what you need to cry away those clouds and let the sun shine in.

When you're longing for a little old fashioned romance:
Ever After – There's nothing like a good old-fashioned fairy tale to make us feel all warm and cozy. This updated version of the Cinderella myth reminds us all that true love will find a way through any obstacle.
And you don't need a fairy godmother to make all your romantic dreams come true; just the courage of your convictions, and a firm faith in yourself.

When you want to reconnect with your valentine for life:
Pollock – When you need to take a step back and gain some perspective on your marital masterpiece, take time out to watch this powerful movie. This "Rediscovering Your Dream Movie" will remind you that a marriage can transcend poverty, bad reviews and even bad table manners, so long as you hold on to your shared dream.

If you're too young to feel like an old married couple:
The Awful Truth – Looking to generate some youthful passion with your old flame this Valentine's day? Learn to improvise with the Awful Truth, a "Rekindling the Flame Movie" that will remind you that true love, and a genuine appreciation for each other's quirks, can make any man a Cary Grant and any woman a Valentine's Day love goddess.

Someday has come and gone and your prince still hasn't arrived&#58
My Big Fat Greek Wedding – Take the plunge with this "I Believe in Love Movie." My Big Fat Greek Wedding will remind you that the most important love affair you'll ever have is the one with yourself and that you can't embrace the whole him until you've embraced the whole you.

CINEMATHERAPY FOR LOVERS is based on the new book by Beverly West and Nancy Peske called Cinematherapy for Lovers: The Girl's Guide to Finding True Love One Movie at a Time, which is a video guide that gives women everything they need to become their own couple's cinematherapist.

CINEMATHERAPY FOR LOVERS is produced by WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT. Jeff Eisenberg is Vice President, Production and Kathie Farrell is Director of Studio Operations. Nancy Peske and Beverly West, authors of the book "Cinematherapy For Lovers," serve as creative consultants/writers.

WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT is a service of AMC NETWORKS. WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT gives women a chance to relax and a way to recharge through entertainment that connects them on an emotional level. WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT features the largest collection of women's interest films, inspiring original series and topical specials. The network currently has 50 million subscribers.

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