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More than 5,000 on-demand programs from AMC Networks International Southern Europe’s 11 thematic channels, including films in every genre, series, documentaries, lifestyle, children’s content and music

Madrid, 15 June 2020 – Vodafone TV is launching as of today AMC Selekt in Spain, the most varied on-demand service in the country, with more than 5,000 programs throughout the year, including films in every genre, series, documentaries, lifestyle programs, children’s content and music.

AMC Selekt offers a wide range of on-demand content from 11 AMC Networks International Southern Europe (AMCNISE) thematic channels, which include AMC, Canal Hollywood, SundanceTV, DARK, Somos, XTRM, Odisea, Canal Cocina, Canal Decasa, Canal Panda and Sol Música. The content is available at no additional cost for customers of the packages Vodafone launched last year in Spain:

  • Seriesfans and Serieslovers Packs: AMC Selekt series, with on-demand content from channels AMC and XTRM;
  • Cinefans Pack: AMC Selekt films with on-demand movies from channels Canal Hollywood, SundanceTV, DARK and Somos;
  • Documentary Pack: AMC Selekt documentaries and entertainment with on-demand content from channels Odisea, Canal Cocina, Canal Decasa and Sol Música;
  • Kids Pack: AMC Selekt kids with on-demand children’s content from channel Canal Panda.

Manuel Balsera, EVP and Managing Director of AMCNISE, commented: “On-demand content has become more important than ever, and this alliance with Vodafone TV, one of the main television operators in Spain, reinforces our priority to provide exclusive and acclaimed programming to local audiences. AMC Selekt is the most diverse channel network library in Spain with a broad variety of themes and formats catered to all tastes, and this launch builds on our long-term partnership with Vodafone TV.”

Ignacio García-Legaz, Director of Vodafone TV in Spain, said: “With this launch we take a further step in our strategy of bringing the best content to our clients offered in the simplest way possible through our platform. With AMC Selekt we continue to offer a significant volume of films and series, and we reinforce our position as the largest content aggregator through a unique user experience.”

Through this launch, Vodafone TV establishes itself as the largest film and series aggregator with more than 16,000 different film and series and more than 95,000 total programs on-demand.

Vodafone TV’s content offering is organized in thematic packages, beginning at €5 a month, with a complete choice for clients who only have to pay for what they wish to see, at home or on the go. Furthermore, Vodafone TV is the only service that integrates, within the same user experience and billing process, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Spain and FILMIN (the latter two exclusively), in addition to every channel and on-demand service specialized in film and series.

Vodafone TV includes recording services (more than 350 in the cloud), live pause and rewind options, access to any program aired in the past seven days, voice control through remote control, personalized recommendations, integration of YouTube and many other features.

Furthermore, all content included on AMC Selekt is available in HD and 4K quality, on all compatible devices (smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and PCs).

compatible devices (smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and PCs).

Content for all audiences

Users will have access to exclusive series of international prestige such as ‘Dispatches from Elsewhere‘, ‘Das Boot‘, ‘Wisting‘, ‘Philharmonia’, ‘Made in Italy’, ‘This Close’, ‘Non Mentire’ and ‘The Swell’ and a large selection of entertaining films, such as ‘The Godfather’ (parts I, II and III), ‘Chinatown’, ‘A Beautiful Mind’, ‘Airplane!’, ‘Rango’, the ‘Meet the Parents’ film series, ‘The Truman Show’ and ‘The Host’, directed by recent Academy Award-winner Bong Joon-ho; along with essential Spanish films such as ‘The Dumbfounded King’, ‘Jamón Jamón’, ‘Sister Citroën’, ‘The Holy Innocents’ and ‘Come to Germany, Pepe’. The service also offers a wide variety of documentaries that explore current events, technology and nature, such as ‘The Weekly’ (The New York Times documentary series), ‘Drowning in Plastic’, ‘The Hunt for the Trump Tapes’, ‘Secrets of the Mediterranean’, ‘Drone Wars’, ‘A Life Among Monkeys’ and ‘World’s Most Extreme’.

In house productions by AMCNISE are also an integral part of AMC Selekt, with culinary programs such as ‘Cooking with Blanca’, ‘Let’s Taste the World’, ‘Culinary Festivities’, ‘Canal Cocina on the Road’, ‘Trips with Taste’, ‘Classic Pastries’, ‘Julius’ 22 Minutes‘ and ‘Cooking with You’; and home décor and fashion programs such as ‘A Touch of Chus‘, ‘Customize Your House‘, ‘Recycle-art’ and ‘House & Style’. The offer also includes music concerts by national artists such as Amaral, Carolina Durante, Izal, Vega and Natalia Lacunza; and the best children’s content such as ‘Panda and the Cardboard Rocket’, ‘Masha and the Bear’, ‘The Superminiheroes’ and ‘Panda Kitchen with Julia Macaroni‘.

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About AMC Networks International Southern Europe

AMC Networks International Southern Europe (AMCNISE) produces and distributes 24 pay TV channels targeted to a wide range of audiences: film and series (AMC, Canal Hollywood, SundanceTV, DARK, XTRM, Somos and Blast); factual (Odisea/Odisseia, HISTORIA, Crime + Investigation and BLAZE); lifestyle (Canal Cocina, Canal Decasa and Casa e Cozinha); music (Sol Música) and kids (Canal Panda and Biggs). The unit, headquartered in Madrid, manages all of AMCNI’s operations in Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. The company also operates direct to consumer services in Spain: OdiseaVR, Microcanales and Planet Horror.

HISTORIA, BLAZE and Crime + Investigation are produced for Spain and Portugal through The History Channel Iberia, a joint venture between AMCNISE and Hearst. Canal Hollywood, Canal Panda and Biggs are exclusively produced for the Portuguese market through DREAMIA, a joint venture between AMCNISE and NOS. AMCNISE is an operating unit of AMC Networks International, the global division of AMC Networks. For more information, visit:

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