VOOM HD Networks' April 2007 Program Highlights

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – VOOM HD Networks (www.voom.com) offers the most and the best high-definition programming on television. High definition promises a new way to experience television that immerses you in its amazing clarity, vibrant colors, and the feeling of "being there." Additionally, the Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound provides amazing life-like audio. VOOM delivers on this promise with 15 channels of great programming all in HD and commercial free. The leader in the industry, VOOM guarantees that all its programming is produced using state of the art high-def cameras (or re-mastered from original 35mm) and is broadcast in "true" high definition. Unlike other high-definition networks, VOOM doesn't up-covert standard-definition programs to the high-def format.

Available nationally on the DISH Network, VOOM has something for everyone this month! Details of the April 2007 program highlights are as follows. Photos are available to press upon request. Schedules are subject to change.

ANIMANIA HD-Eye-popping HD animation for all ages
New episodes all month long, Airs everyday at 4:30 pm ET on DISH channel 9474

Get bugged out with ANIMANIA HD's presentation of the award-winning animated series RoboRoach. Based on a true story in which scientists in Tokyo experimented on cockroaches by implanting mini computer chips and camera on them, this fun cartoon follows the story of two bug brothers named Rube and Reg. When trying to escape from the scientist's lab, the brothers jump into an electrical plug, forever transforming Rube into RoboRoach-a half-robot half-cockroach. Rube is voiced by Scott Thompson, best known for his time as a member of the comedy troupe Kids in the Hall. The series for tweens, follows Rube's crazy adventures as the superhero of the town of Vexberg.

EQUATOR HD-The most extraordinary places and people on the planet
Keep it Green
Each Wednesday night at 8:00pm ET, New Host Premieres Wednesday, April 25th on DISH channel 9471

Every Wednesday night, VOOM HD Networks' EQUATOR HD focuses on important environmental and social issues facing our world with a special two-hour block of programming titled Keep It Green. Beginning April 25th, the series will be hosted by environmental expert Simran Sethi. Keep It Green combines EQUATOR HD's stunning high-definition documentaries and interviews with experts from pioneering organizations. The goal of Keep It Green is to educate viewers on these pressing issues, and most importantly, inspire people to action.

GALLERY HD-Stunning imagery and stories from the front line of the art world
Opera and an Omelette
Every Sunday at 12:00 pm ET on DISH channel 9472

Sunday brunch at GALLERY HD hits a high note with Opera and an Omelette! This Sunday afternoon series continues with more well-known operas from around the world. Co-host John Radwick, who has worked on stage and behind the scenes at New York's top opera houses, shares his passion for and vast knowledge of opera with "newbie" Michelle Maryk. Between acts, the two offer fun, light-hearted, and informative commentary about the operas as they enjoy a hearty brunch. Operas featured this month include productions of Barber of Seville (4/1), La Traviata (4/8), La Cenerentola (4/15) and Cosi Fan Tutti (4/22).

GAMEPLAY HD-The high definition channel leading the next generation of TV for gamers
GAMEPLAY HD TOURNAMENT ZONE: Global Gaming League's DigitalLife 2006
Monday nights at 10:00pm ET, First episode premieres April 2nd on DISH channel 9485

GAMEPLAY HD continues to bring viewers the best and most coverage of video game tournaments from around the world. This month GAMEPLAY HD presents highlights from the Global Gaming League's DigitalLife Pro/Am Tournament 2006, the largest video game tournament on the East Coast. The top professional gamers traveled to New York City to compete for $100,000 in cash prizes. Amateur gamers were able join on-site competitions for fun, bragging rights, and great prizes. Games featured in the competition included Quake 4, Warcraft 3 and F.E.A.R. Watch all three episodes to catch all the heart-pounding action and get an all-access look at the personalities who make this burgeoning spectator sport "frag"-tastic.

VOOM's HDNEWS – The only HD source for 24/7 news, sports, weather
Coverage of the Winter Music Festival and Spring Break 2007
Special reports throughout the month of April on DISH channel 9482

HDNews goes deep inside the high-energy world of dance music with coverage of the Winter Music Conference in Miami. The conference is regarded as the premier networking event in the dance music industry, attracting professionals from over 60 different countries. Top international artists, DJs and industry professionals by the thousands join "Spring Breakers" to make Miami the most fabulous place to be during this time of year. HDNews will cover all the world class events as well as take an in-depth look at the fashion and music from the Spring Break scene.

RAVE HD-Music like you've never experienced it on TV before: the world's top acts in high definition and 5.1 Dolby® surround sound
The Rapture: Trabendo Sessions
Premieres Friday, April 6th at 9:00pm ET on DISH channel 9470

The Rapture's hit song Get Myself Into It, scored the group the number 19 spot on Rolling Stone magazine's "Top 100 songs of the year 2006." This one-hour concert special features the New York based rock quartet, recorded live in concert at the Le Trabendo concert hall in Paris. The band's music is a combination of several genres including post-punk, new rave, dance-punk, acid house, disco, and electronica.

TREASURE HD-The first channel for the 70 million people with a passion for collecting
Secrets of the Exhibit
New series premieres Saturday, April 7th at 12:00pm ET on DISH channel 9473

Hidden behind the staid atmosphere of most museums is a vibrant, exciting and often controversial world that pits science and physical evidence against philosophy and conjecture. Secrets of the Exhibit takes viewers deep into the fascinating world behind the orderly, perfectly labeled displays. From theft and authentication to forensics and fables, this series opens the doors that shield the average patron from the mayhem and mystery involved in the world of curators charged with the duty of capturing and preserving history. From medieval chain mail to dinosaurs, from war to works of art, each episode will engage the audience with stories that will surprise and intrigue.

ULTRA HD-The hottest fashion, the coolest styles and insight into the luxe life from around the world
Party Flash: Fashion Week Fall 2007
Premieres Monday, April 2nd at 10:30PM ET on DISH channel 9478

New York's most in-the-know Celeb photographer Patrick McMullan went behind the velvet ropes and into the hottest parties during New York Fashion Week Fall 2007. This season, McMullan hit parties hosted by top fashion houses Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Diesel, Rock & Republic and Heatherette. Move to the head of the V.I.P. line with McMullan as he interviews and snaps pictures of some the biggest "bold names" in the business including: designers Diane von Furstenberg and Zac Posen, Vogue's Anna Wintour; actors Rachael Bilson, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Michelle Rodriguez; singers Rod Stewart, Lenny Kravitz, Lil' Kim, and JC Chasez; and supermodels Helena Christensen and Amber Valletta.

WORLDSPORT HD-Live sports coverage from top worldwide arenas
Airing on DISH channel 9477 – Check local listings for times

The World Cup's television ratings in America outpaced the World Series this year, introducing millions of new fans to players like Ronaldinho and Fabio Cannavaro. These superstars are part of the Spanish Premier League, widely acknowledged as the world's top soccer league. WORLDSPORT HD continues its live coverage of the SPL through June. Prior to each match, catch La Liga Report, a half-hour in-depth look at the league and at news surrounding the sport's most popular stars. Specific schedule details, including updates regarding player line-ups and start times, as well as La Liga Report highlights, are available online at www.worldsporthd.com.

VOOM HD: Every Movie Fan’s Dream Hundreds of Titles for Every Taste, all Remastered from 35 mm Into Stunning HD

FILMFEST HD-A non-stop film festival for movie-lovers of all kinds
New HD premieres this month on DISH channel 9480

  • The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming! (1966)
    Director Norman Jewison's hilarious cold war satire about a Russian submarine that lands of the coast of New England. Starring Carl Reiner and Alan Arkin, who is nominated this year for Little Miss Sunshine and got his first Oscar nod for this film (4/1 at 8:00pm ET)
  • The Bounty (1984)
    The fourth film dramatization of the 1789 mutiny aboard the H.M.S. Bounty. Anthony Hopkins stars as the notoriously hard-nosed Captain Bligh and Mel Gibson stars as the leader of the crew's mutiny. (4/9 at 8:00pm ET)
  • Guys and Dolls (1955)
    Director Joseph L. Mankiewicz's film adaptation of the wildly popular musical about gangsters and the "Oldest Established Permanent Floating Crap Game in New York." Starring Marlon Brando as Sky Masterson and Frank Sinatra as Nathan Detroit. (4/8 at 8:00pm ET)
  • The Pride of the Yankees (1942)
    Gary Cooper plays American hero and fabled baseball player Lou Gehrig who rose up to become one of the sport's greatest players and then fell ill with a fatal neurological disease. (4/15 at 8pm ET)
  • Lawman (1971)
    In this Western, Burt Lancaster stars as a marshal dedicated to holding up the law at any cost. Problems ensue when he goes to a town to capture wanted men and the residents turn against him. (4/22 at 8:00pm ET)
  • The Night of the Hunter (1955)
    A terrifying atmospheric film about a psychotic phony preacher (Robert Mitchum) who hunts two children he believes are in possession of a large sum of money. This film stars Shelley Winters, Lillian Gish and Peter Graves. (4/24 at 8:00pm ET)

KUNG FU HD-All martial arts action, all the time
Masters Behind The Camera: Akira Kurosawa
Every Sunday night at 8:00pm ET

One of the most important figures in the history of film, Akira Kurosawa was a Japanese film director, producer, and screenwriter, whose career spanned over 50 years. His many awards include an Academy Award for Lifetime Achievement in 1990. Kurosawa devised distinctive cinematic techniques which continue to inspire films of today. For example, his film The Seven Samurai has been remade in versions including The Magnificent Seven, A Bug's Life and the current anime version Samurai 7 which can be seen on VOOM's ANIMANIA HD. Films in this series include: Hidden Fortress (4/1), Throne of Blood (4/8), Rashomon (4/15), The Seven Samurai (4/22), and a double feature of Yojimbo and its sequel Sanjuro (4/29).

WORLD CINEMA HD-Award-winning movies and stars from around the globe
New HD premieres this month on DISH channel 9475

  • The Story of the Weeping Camel

    Nominated for an Oscar in 2005, this film is told with both documentary and traditional narrative footage, tells the story of a nomadic family in Mongolia who goes to great lengths to coax a reluctant mother camel to accept her newborn colt. (4/6 at 8:00pm ET)
  • La Cage Aux Folles (1978)

    This Golden Globe Award-winning film is the wildly successful film adaptation of the farcical French play about a female impersonator who attempts to pose as straight upon meeting his son's future in-laws. The film was subsequently remade in America as The Birdcage. Director Edouard Molinaro received an Oscar nomination for his work on this film. (4/28 at 8:00pm ET)

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