VOOM HD Networks’ March 2007 Program Highlights

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – VOOM HD Networks (www.voom.com) offers the most and the best high-definition programming on television. High-definition television delivers the richest visual and aural experience of any television format currently available. On VOOM, the colors look more vivid and images come alive and the Dolby© Digital 5.1 Surround Sound provides amazing life-like audio. The leader in the industry, VOOM guarantees that programming on its 15 channels is all produced using state of the art high-def cameras and broadcast in "true" high-definition. Unlike other high-definition networks, VOOM will never up-covert standard-definition programs to the high-def format.

Available nationally on the DISH Network, VOOM has something for everyone this month including an animated series that features the faces of real kids; interviews with world-class musicians Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac and the NY Dolls' David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain; a trip "Down Under" with skier Tanner Hall and snowboarder Travis Rice; action-packed programming featuring the hottest video games on the market; an in-depth look into the life of abstract artist John Baldessari; and movies that span the globe and several genres. VOOM HD Networks' channels are commercial free, 24-hours-a-day. Details of the March 2007 program highlights are as follows. Photos are available to press upon request. Schedules are subject to change.

ANIMANIA HD-Eye-popping HD animation for all ages
New episodes beginning Thursday, March 1st at 7:30 am ET on DISH channel 9474
Wouldn't it be great to see your child's face on TV? Well, now here's the opportunity with PIC ME, the second season of the award-winning animated series where a child's face is featured as a "starring" character in each episode. Engaging and fun, the cartoon teaches basic concepts such as spelling and language to preschool children ages 3-5. PIC ME is part of ANIMANIA HD's "Little Big Blocks," (daily at 7:30 am ET and 1:00 pm ET) which features programming devoted to pre-schoolers. Parents from across the country can send in their child's photo for a chance to be included in PIC ME by visiting ANIMANIA HD's fun-filled interactive website (www.Animaniahd.com). At the site, parents can also create E-cards featuring their child's photo along side the PIC ME characters, which can then be sent to family and friends. Photos can also be inserted into PIC ME trailers which are viewable on the website, along with wallpaper and coloring sheets for downloading.

EQUATOR HD-The most extraordinary places and people on the planet
Becoming a Woman in Zanskar
Premieres Wednesday, March 7th at 10:00pm ET on DISH channel 9471
In Karsha, a village situated at the foot of a Himalayan cliff, two young girls prepare to enter adulthood. Embodying a woman's fate in Zanskar society, we meet them on the eve of a turning point in their lives: one is going to become a nun, and the other is entering an arranged marriage. In each case, this ritual passage to adulthood is the occasion for spectacular ceremonies whose symbolic strength is as powerful as the landscape in which they take place.

GALLERY HD-Stunning imagery and stories from the front line of the art world
Art in Progress: Baldessari
Premieres Thursday, March 1st at 10:00pm ET on DISH channel 9472
This original series follows the world's leading contemporary artists, as they actively engage in the artistic process. Each episode is a film as unique and individual as the artists themselves. The films attempt to capture a moment in an artist's career, allowing viewers to witness the moments of confusion and clarity, frustration and triumph that are an inherent part of the process. For this latest installment, filmmaker Marina Zenovich followed legendary artist John Baldessari as he prepared for major shows in Europe and the United States. The result is an entertaining, revealing and inspirational film about one of North America's most celebrated abstract artists. It includes interviews with artist Ed Ruscha; Michael Govan, the new director of LACMA; and Paul Schimmel of MOCA.

GAMEPLAY HD-The high definition channel leading the next generation of TV for gamers
CinemAddicts: Call of Duty 3
Premieres Monday, March 12th at 11:00pm ET on DISH channel 9485
A major part of the next-gen video game experience is the inclusion of "cut scene" cinematics, the high-quality 3D animated in-game movies that break up the game play and are used to advance the plot and present character development. GAMEPLAY HD's original series CinemAddicts brings the story inside a game to life, providing a movie-like experience for the viewer. The program stitches together the "cut scene" cinematics and actual game play to deliver the cohesive storyline of a game. Spoiler Alert! Each episode presents the game's entire story arc, including special clues as well as the game's ending. This month CinemAddicts explores the story of Call of Duty 3, a game that puts players on the battlefield during World War II and the weeks-long campaign that followed the famous D-Day landing at Normandy.

RAVE HD-Music like you've never experienced it on TV before: the world's top acts in high definition and 5.1 Dolby® surround sound
Talks with Dave Fanning
New episodes Friday nights at 10:00pm ET on DISH channel 9470
Dave Fanning's in-depth interviews with the top names in the music industry continue this month with guests including punk rock-pioneers David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain of the NY Dolls (3/16); and Lindsey Buckingham (3/23), guitarist, front man, and producer/mastermind of Fleetwood Mac, who will talk about his recently released solo CD. Talks with Dave Fanning offers one-on-one interviews that give new insight and a provocative look into the work and careers of celebrated musicians. Host Dave Fanning is a legendary Irish radio DJ, renowned for giving U2 their first significant airplay and for hundreds of interviews with the world's most famous rock 'n roll stars.

RUSH HD-Life on the edge with the adrenaline junkies of adventure sports
PROS AND KIWIS: Tanner and Travis take on New Zealand
Premieres Wednesday, March 14th at 11:00pm ET on DISH channel 9476
Tanner Hall (the biggest name in freeskiing) and Travis Rice (the hottest name in big mountain snowboarding) will spend two weeks riding and feeding off one another's energy while tackling the heli-terrain of Wanaka, New Zealand and the slopes of SnowPark – the world's only resort that is a 100% terrain park. No two athletes in skiing and snowboarding share so many skills, values and such style, making this pair of athletes the true wunderkind of their sports.

RUSH HD will also air special one-hour profiles about these top-tier athletes this month. Get an unprecedented look at Tanner Hall, who is often credited with making skiing "cool" again (Wednesday, March 21st at 8:00pn ET) and learn about the man, the life and the career of Travis Rice (Wednesday, March 28th at 8:00pn ET).

TREASURE HD-The first channel for the 70 million people with a passion for collecting
Chasing History Home
New Episodes Sundays at 12:00pm ET on DISH channel 9473

Chasing History Home gives viewers an insider's look at the places famous historical figures once called "home." Hosted by Cat Greenleaf, each episode delivers compelling stories about these individuals who led extraordinary lives and captures the homes and artifacts in stunning high definition. Cat is joined by industry experts and those who are charged with the conservation of each treasure and its memory. This month the series will visit the Winchester Mystery House (3/3), built by Sarah Winchester, the Winchester Rifle heiress, who thought the house was haunted by the ghosts of individuals killed by the company's rifles, and that only continuous construction would appease them; Springwood (3/11), FDR's family estate in Hyde Park, NY, and the site of the first Presidential Library; Alcatraz (3/18), the jail that was home to such notable criminals as Al Capone, Robert Franklin Stroud (the Birdman of Alcatraz) and Alvin Karpis; and Stratford Upon Avon and the Globe Theater (3/25), for a visit to William Shakespeare's childhood home and the landmark theater that was the "home base" for his company of actors known as The King's Men.

ULTRA HD-The hottest fashion, the coolest styles and insight into the luxe life from around the world
Big Boutique in the City

New series Monday nights at 9:30pm ET on DISH channel 9478
This new series features an off-the-beaten track look at international style. The show's eclectic mix of features and locations is addictive viewing for the cosmopolitan woman – or man – who's not afraid to be stylish. Each episode provides an insider's guide to a hip international destination from someone in the know – whether they're a resident journalist, a model, or a celebrity stylist. The series features a mix of classic labels and designers new to the runway, and goes beyond fashion delving into design, lifestyle and beautiful living. Cities featured in this month's episodes include: London (3/5), Prague (3/12), Stockholm (3/19), and Los Angeles (3/26).

WORLDSPORT HD-Live sports coverage from top worldwide arenas
Airing on DISH channel 9477 – Check local listings for times
The World Cup's television ratings in America outpaced the World Series this year, introducing millions of new fans to players like Ronaldinho and Fabio Cannavaro. These superstars are part of the Spanish Premier League, widely acknowledged as the world's top soccer league. WORLDSPORT HD continues its live coverage of the SPL through June. Prior to each match, catch La Liga Report, a half-hour in-depth look at the league and at news surrounding the sport's most popular stars. Specific schedule details, including updates regarding player line-ups and start times, as well as La Liga Report highlights, are available online at www.worldsporthd.com.


FILMFEST HD-A non-stop film festival for movie-lovers of all kinds
New HD premieres this month on DISH channel 9480

  • The Children's Hour (1961): A ground-breaking film for 1961, it is based on the Lillian Hellman play of the same name. It tells the story of a private school for young girls that is scandalized when one student accuses the two young women who run the school of having a lesbian relationship. The film stars Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, and James Garner in the leading roles. (3/11 at 8:00pm ET)
  • The Long Day's Journey Into Night (1962): An extraordinary film adaptation of Eugene O'Neill's Pulitzer Prize-winning play about a family in a intensely destructive cycle of addiction, co-dependency and utter despair. Starring Jason Robards, Ralph Richardson and Katherine Hepburn, who was nominated for a best actress Academy Award. (3/15 at 8:00pm ET)

MONSTERS HD-The masters of movie horror in terrifying HD clarity
Bruce Campbell Triple Feature
Premieres Saturday, March 17th at 5:30pm ET on DISH channel 9481
MONSTERS HD will feature cult horror star Bruce Campbell in three of his most well-known films: Evil Dead, Army of Darkness and Bubba Ho-Tep. Campbell teamed up with writer/director and high school chum Sam Raimi (who recently directed the Spider-Man trilogy) for Evil Dead and one of its two sequels, Army of Darkness. In the 2002 horror-black comedy Bubba Ho-Tep, Campbell stars as Elvis Presley – now a resident in a nursing home. Watch all three films back to back and see why he has become such a cult favorite.

KUNG FU HD-All martial arts action, all the time
Kung Fu All-stars: Bunta Sugawara
Wednesday Nights beginning March 14th at 8:00pm ET on DISH channel 9479
Bunta Sugawara is a Japanese born actor and has been featured in over 125 feature films, the most famous being Kinji Fukasaku's five-part epic, The Yakuza Papers. The violent, documentary-style film chronicles the underworld tribulations of members of a traditional organized crime group in Japan, known as Yakuza. KUNG FU HD will showcase all five films which were originally released in 1974: Battles without Honor or Humanity and Deadly Battles in Hiroshima (3/14 at 8:00pm ET), Proxy War and Police Tactics (3/21 at 8:00pm ET) and Final Episode (3/28 at 8:00pm ET)

HD-Movies and entertainment for the whole family
New HD premieres this month on DISH channel 9486

  • The Family Jewels (1965): A little girl inherits a $30 million fortune when her father passes away. Per terms of his will, she must visit each of her six uncles (all played by Jerry Lewis) and decide which of them will become her new "father." (3/3 at 8:30pm ET)
  • It Runs In The Family (1994): The sequel to the popular film A Christmas Story, it stars Kieran Culkin (Macaulay Culkin's brother) as Ralphie, and best selling author, actor and talk show host Charles Grodin as his father. (3/10 at 8:30pm ET)

WORLD CINEMA HD-Award-winning movies and stars from around the globe
Passport to Germany
Three films back-to-back on Saturday, March 31st on DISH channel 9475
You don't need a passport enjoy WORLD CINEMA HD! This month travel to Germany, the setting for these three award-winning films: The Marquis of O (8:00pm ET) which was the 1976 Grand Prize winner at the Cannes Film Festival; Beyond Silence, which garnered Sylvie Testud the 1997 German Film Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement by an Actress; and Mephisto, which was awarded the 1981 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

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