VOOM HD Networks' Treasure HD Broadens Program Offerings With two New Original Series

Author and Cultural Critic Toure to Serve as Host of New Adventure Series I'LL TRY ANYTHING ONCE Premiering in February 2008

Six-Part Series CLASSIC RACERS to Premiere November 20

New York, NY – October 18, 2007 – Treasure HD, the high-definition channel dedicated to pursuing stories about people and their passions, announced today the expansion of its program offerings with the premiere of two all-new original series. I'll Try Anything Once, a 13-part adventure series in which author and cultural critic Toure takes on extraordinary, mentally-challenging and often dangerous experiences, will premiere in February 2008. In addition, the 6-part series Classic Racers, which follows passionate classic car racers, will premiere on Tuesday, November 20, 2007. Since the launch of Treasure HD, the channel has produced compelling original HD content, including series such as How The Best Is Done; Treasure Divers, Magnificent Obsessions as well as exclusive, interactive coverage of live auctions from America's preeminent salerooms. Treasure HD is one of the VOOM HD Networks, the largest and most diverse suite of high-definition channels nationwide.

The launch of these new original series underscores VOOM's commitment to producing original programming, maintaining an unparalleled library of HD content, and creating a diverse collection of valuable niche-oriented brands.

"These two new series are showcasing real stories about real people doing and accomplishing amazing things, which truly defines what great television is all about. These people are actively engaged in life and participating in activities they are passionate about, which we hope will help viewers discover their own interests and passions in life," said George Lansbury, Executive Producer of Treasure HD. "These series will have wide appeal and we look forward to continuing to deliver such valuable, story-driven, entertaining programming for our audience."

Following are descriptions of the two new series:

  • I'LL TRY ANYTHING ONCE – Premieres February 2008

    In each episode, series host Toure, an author, journalist and cultural critic, will be forced out of his comfort zone as he is asked to tackle 13 different hair-raising experiences, from being a rodeo clown in Wyoming and a wildlife remover in Florida to driving in a demolition derby in Indiana and joining a professional women's football league in Tucson. As he takes on each event or unglamorous job, Toure will completely immerse himself in the challenge, meeting the people who perform these jobs on a regular basis and gain an understanding of their skill set and way of life. At the end of each episode, Toure will have to complete these physical and mental challenges on his own, putting into practice what he has been taught along the way, describing for viewers the adrenaline rush and terror that comes will executing these intense tasks. Toure will also go through lumberjacking and stuntman training.
    The author of three books and a renowned journalist, Toure is currently the host of BET's "The Black Carpet" and a contributing editor at Rolling Stone. He served as CNN's first pop culture correspondent and has made appearances on the "Today Show", "Dateline NBC", CNN's "American Morning", "Paula Zahn Now", "Anderson Cooper 360", "Topic A With Tina Brown", and "The O'Reilly Factor."

    – Premieres November 20th

    Collecting, restoring and racing of classic cars enjoys a widespread and fast growing following. However, racing classic cars requires dedication, preparation, talent and above all, a great love of racing the world's most beautiful cars. CLASSIC RACERS features a handful of passionate racers, their teams and their mind-boggling cars, capturing the unique experience and incredible atmosphere of the classic car race series. CLASSIC RACERS will put viewers in the driver's seat for the most spectacular series of international classic racing, where the most beautiful vintage racers ever built – 1950s and 60s Aston Martins, Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches, Mustangs and Cobras – battle it out on the most glamorous original tracks around the world, including Spa (Belgium), the Nurburgring. (Germany), Limerock and Laguna Seca (USA).

Treasure HD is a channel dedicated to pursuing stories about people and their passions. Original, innovative, entertaining, it's a high-definition look at what people treasure in life, from antiques to adventures. Treasure HD explores those fascinating individuals who live their dreams and inspire the rest of us to find ourselves.

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