VOOM's Equator HD Premieres Original High-Definition Series Medicine Woman

Series Follows Dr. Daniele Behn on A Natural Healing Journey around the World

Half-Hour Non-Fiction Series Slated to Premiere in June 2007

New York, NY – October 2, 2006 – Equator HD, the first high-definition channel dedicated to exploring the world's most intriguing people and places with intelligent travel, nature, and cultural programs, announced today a new 13-episode, half-hour, high definition series, Medicine Woman. The original series follows Dr. Daniele Behn Smith, a 27-year old Aboriginal woman and a rural family physician from British Columbia, Canada, as she travels across the world investigating the healing traditions of the indigenous people, rediscovering the knowledge of Mother Nature's medicine chest. Regions visited include Australia, Wales, Sri Lanka, Canada and Peru. The series will premiere in June of 2007. Equator HD is one of the VOOM HD Networks, the largest and most diverse suite of high-definition channels nationwide and currently available on DISH Network.

"Medicine Women is really an examination of not only one women's path to rediscover her heritage but also to learn about the great healing traditions of the world. The show follows Daniele's quest to locate indigenous treatments and knowledge, while reconciling often conflicting philosophies between her indigenous heritage and her western medical training," said Ali Hossaini, Executive Producer for Equator HD.

"My interest in medicine was not in biology but rather in helping people and easing suffering. I focused my training on exploring the parallels that exist between colonized people around the world and the effects of colonization on health. I know all of the 'right' things to do by western standards – the right medications to prescribe and the lifestyle changes to recommend. What I haven't learned is how to help empower people to fight disease with Aboriginal traditions," said Dr. Daniele Behn Smith. "The series is my journey to learn numerous traditional medicinal techniques. This is exactly the type of experience that I think will help me become the doctor I want to be."

Medicine Women documents senior indigenous men and women working with university researchers to preserve age-old knowledge and understanding about the healing and health giving properties of native plants. The show seeks to show that traditional understanding and modern scientific knowledge are equally valuable and can work in harmony. This program may well rediscover the ability to treat conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer. For Dr. Daniele Behn Smith and the research team, these are the first steps in unlocking the health giving properties of a range of native plants. In her travels she will learn some of the ancient secrets of the natural world and meet the healers who know these secrets.

Medicine Women is a co-production between Visionquest Entertainment (Australia), and 4 Square Productions (Canada). The series, directed by award-winning Cree filmmaker Shirley Cheechoo (Johnny Tootall, Bearwalker) is being filmed in High Definition. The series is distributed worldwide by Parthenon Entertainment Ltd (UK).
Since its launch in early 2005, VOOM has gone on to produce compelling original HD content for a wide variety of consumer interests including the largest collection of HD horror films; a live auction of one-of-a-kind memorabilia; animation for kids of all ages and action-adventure sporting events. This new series for Equator HD confirms VOOM's commitment to growing the brand into the marketplace.

About Dr. Daniele Behn Smith

Dr. Daniele Behn Smith is a rural family physician practicing in Canada. She is a member of the Canadian Aboriginal Leaders in Medicine and of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada with a Doctor of Medicine from McMaster University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Winnipeg.

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