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WE Announces Two New Specials to the Spring 2004 Programming Line-Up

'Take My Kids, Please!' And 'Young, Sexy & Spoiled'

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 8, 2004 – This spring WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT will premiere two new specials, with the potential to continue as series. TAKE MY KIDS, PLEASE! is a comedic half-hour reality show that invites harried parents to return to the carefree days before they had kids as their unprepared single friends/relatives take care of their kids. Then viewers indulge in the second installment of "YOUNG, SEXY &…" with a sneak peek into the lives of some of the most fascinating people – "YOUNG, SEXY & SPOILED."

TAKE MY KIDS, PLEASE! begins as viewers meet the parents, their brood and the "lucky" person chosen to take the kids off their hands for a weekend. Then the parents are sent off for an adventurous weekend minus the kids. The real fun begins when the mayhem unfolds back at the house and the kids run wild. Things get complicated with the parents when they succumb to inevitable anxiety and guilt as they attempt to relax. In addition to the usual hectic schedule for the kids, there will be other interesting challenges along the way.

They have it all and then some…money, looks, power and fame. YOUNG, SEXY & SPOILED will look at the "It" girls and guys, from the Hilton sisters to superstar J. Lo, to Prince William. These socialite/celebs need not fret over depleting their millions on designer duds or extravagant vacations around the world because there's plenty to spare! They go on outrageous shopping sprees – buying a variety of million dollar homes, several pricey cars and lingerie that cost more than most of us make in a year. Tune in as WE gives viewers the behind-the-scenes glimpse into the lives of the pampered pretty people during this one-hour special.

TAKE MY KIDS, PLEASE! is created and produced by Jeff Eisenberg, Vice President of Production for WE.

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