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NEW YORK, NY — November 17, 2014 — WE tv is launching an innovative new initiative designed to encourage viewing of its most popular shows within three days – to promote immediate social conversations around WE tv programming and also deliver commercial viewing within the three-day ratings window important to advertisers. Called “Watch W/In,” the effort incentivizes viewers to watch WE tv’s most popular shows live, on demand, or record them on DVRs and watch within three days to be eligible for weekly prizes and one grand prize drawing.

This first-of-its-kind effort encourages viewers to stay tuned through the commercials and promotional spots between show segments, and to watch the programming close to its linear airing to be able to participate in the conversations it sparks, especially in social media.  In future iterations of the initiative, WE tv will integrate advertisers to further ensure that viewers see their promotional messages.

“We know many viewers today want to time shift their favorite shows and watch on their own timetables, but promoting urgent viewing within three days is meaningful for the network and our advertisers,” said Marc Juris, WE tv’s president.  “Watch W/In is a fun and innovative effort to encourage viewers to watch our most popular shows within three days, which is significant both for our advertisers and for promoting the kind of communal and conversational experience consistent with our new brand. Whenever possible, we want people watching and talking about our shows in a variety of ways as they happen, and Watch W/In serves this important brand-building goal.”

The effort launches around this Thursday night’s episode of “Tamar & Vince.”  “Watch W/In” spots will begin airing on WE tv today.  Then, during a commercial break, a specific code word will be featured within a WE tv spot.  Viewers will enter the code word at wetv.com to receive one of 10 weekly “Tamar & Vince” swag bags, and all participants will be automatically entered to win one grand prize sweepstakes of a complete home theater system.  “Watch W/In” also serves as WE tv’s modern take on the classic “watch-and-win” promotion long used to attract TV viewers.

Under Mr. Juris’ direction, WE tv has actively launched new programming and digital extensions designed to grow viewership and audience engagement.  Among them are “WatchIt With,” which allows viewers to “watch” a new episode of an original series alongside the show’s stars; “In Between,” an web series that literally “bridges” the gap between seasons of the network’s unscripted shows; and “Build-A-Binge” where viewers vote on their favorite thematic episode line-up of a classic series like Law & Order, with the most popular five-episode binge airing on WE tv.

About WE tv

With compelling, can’t miss unscripted shows and dramatic scripted series, WE tv’s programming is fueled by personalities and relationships filled with purpose and passion. WE tv welcomes everyone and creates an inclusive experience across all platforms: on TV, online, on demand, and social media, embracing how today’s digitally savvy, socially engaged audiences connect through content, using it as a catalyst to drive conversation and build community.  WE tv is owned and operated by AMC Networks Inc., alongside its sister channels AMC, BBC America, IFC and SundanceTV.  WE tv is available to over 85 million U.S. homes.  WE tv: All In.

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