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WE: Women’s Entertainment Expands Original Programming Commitment

Premiere Slate Includes 8 New Series, 10 Specials and 3 Original Films

JERICHO, NY April 14, 2003 – WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT unveiled new programming this week including plans for its first scripted series and for three original films. Set to debut in the 2003-2004 television season, the network's line-up also features reality shows, fashion series, documentaries and a home design program executive produced by Courteney Cox.

In 2002, WE doubled its subscriber base and is currently available in 52 million homes. In addition, original shows like "Single in the City" and "Young, Sexy & Royal" helped WE bring down its median age by double digits this past year.

"Because of the significant growth WE has experienced, we are now in a position to raise the bar on original programming to the level of scripted series and movies," said Martin von Ruden, Executive Vice President & General Manager. "This leap is important to long-term success and brand-building."

This fall the network unveils "The Tinsley Bumble Show," a half-hour comedy series. Combining script and improvisation, the series is a riches-to-rags story of a New York heiress who tries to "Get Serious" after her father is arrested for a white-collar crime. The network is billing the experimental series as television's first "alternative reality" show because it places a fictional character in real situations and follows the same rules as reality television, using a single camera.

WE has committed to premiering three original movies in the coming year. The first, Between Strangers, features a stellar cast including Sophia Loren, Mira Sorvino, Deborah Kara Unger and Gerard Depardieu. The film is Loren's 100th and marks the directorial debut of her son, Edoardo Ponti. Between Strangers is the story of three women artists who break free of the pasts that bind them. Between Strangers premieres November 2003. Two more films are in pre-production and will premiere in 2004.

Series and specials include:


Viewers get a behind-the-scenes peek at 'extreme brides' as they get ready for the biggest day of their lives, while slowly losing their grip on sanity. The wives-to-be use any means necessary to ensure the perfect nuptials. BRIDEZILLA is produced by September Films.


This reality series follows the real-life personal and professional adventures of an all-female detective agency in Las Vegas. DIVA DETECTIVES is produced by Axelson-Weintraub Entertainment.

Providing viewers with a front row seat to every collection that comes down the catwalk, FULL FRONTAL FASHION puts the spotlight on the hottest, cutting-edge newcomers to the fashion world, plus all of the biggest names in the industry including Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta. Hosted by actress Ali Landry, the series also features fashion tips, in-depth celebrity interviews and reports from high-profile contributing correspondents. FULL FRONTAL FASHION is produced by MetroTV.

Courteney Cox is executive-producer of the series MIX IT UP, featuring real people as they try to combine their style and tastes in décor. The series takes a close look at individuals moving in together — be it friends, lovers, husband and wives, mothers and daughters or roommates matched by a service — who are at odds stylistically. MIX IT UP is produced by Planet Grande.

The stakes are high in the newest installment of the "Single In…" reality series as we follow single women in Las Vegas during their quest to find Mr. Right. Viewers get an intimate look as the girls gamble with love and relationships in Sin City. Each roll of the dice brings new challenges, new heartaches, and maybe the chance for the ultimate jackpot – lasting love. SINGLE IN LAS VEGAS is produced by September Films.


As the sun goes down, and the city heats up, we reveal the secrets of young single women living in South Beach, one of the sexiest cities in the world. The new installment of the "Single In…" series follows these women as they discover the hippest hangouts, hottest beaches, and talk candidly about what dating in sexy SOBE means to them. SINGLE IN SOUTH BEACH is produced by September Films.

This new half-hour comedy series, combining script and improvisation, is a riches-to-rags story of a New York heiress who tries to "Get Serious" after her father is arrested for a white-collar crime. The show places a fictional character in real situations and follows the same rules as reality television, using a single camera. THE TINSLEY BUMBLE SHOW is produced by WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT.

A new season of the documentary series that offers a rare glimpse at the defining moments of successful women. Executive produced by award-winning journalist, author and producer Linda Ellerbee. While each story is unique, the candid recollections reveal the shared experience of all girls. The series features candid interviews with celebrities such as Sandra Bullock, India Arie, Ellen DeGeneres, Melani Griffith, Cynthia Nixon and Sigourney Weaver. WHEN I WAS A GIRL is produced by Lucky Duck Productions Inc.


Get ready for the year ahead with this original special that follows women as they get "life makeovers" for challenges at different life stages. From a college graduate looking for the perfect look for her first job to a career woman adjusting to maternity fashions, WE helps these women get the look they want for the life they want to lead.

The network searched nationwide for couples to feature in this original special several months ago. After carefully reviewing thousands of entries from couples telling the story of how they met, from love at first sight to strange twists of fate, WE selected five finalists. The five couples — most romantic, funniest, most scandalous, fateful and non-conventional – are profiled in the one-hour special. HOW WE MET is produced by Jack My Dog Corporation.


This special explores the female fascination with that deadliest seducer of fiction when WE dare to ask real women across America to reveal their own often-romantic fantasies about the culture's baddest boyfriends. From the first "attractive" vampire played by Bela Lugosi to today' s super sexy vampires like Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas' characters in "Interview With A Vampire," NIGHT BITES traces the roots of the modern vampire in the media. A variety of noted authors, aficionados, psychologists and entertainment industry veterans are featured to discuss the history of vampires in cinema, TV and contemporary culture. NIGHT BITES is produced by Essential Entertainment.

WE presents the ultimate "She house" – a home built from the ground up based on a woman's dream specifications. In a unique twist, viewers get the chance to vote on the decorating choices in the home on WE's website www.we.tv. Hosted movie wraps will showcase the progress of the home, voting choices and home improvement tips. One lucky viewer will win the home in the final episode. SHE HOUSE is produced by WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT.

This special takes viewers to the ultimate summer getaways around the country. Offering an insider's look at the best hotels, restaurants, shopping, beaches and more, the special is the perfect resource for those in need of a warm escape after a dreary winter. SUMMER GETAWAYS is produced by Chelsea Pictures.

The daughter of a famous 'Beatle,' Stella McCartney has made a name for herself in the world of fashion. Featuring an intimate interview with Stella, WE gives viewers a sneak peek at her life and her role as one of the newest prominent designers on the scene. This special is produced by Video Edition Inc.

Fans of Vera Wang see her fashions worn by Hollywood's leading ladies at weddings and red carpet events. The original special features an exclusive interview with Vera and the inside story of the woman who controls one of the leading fashion empires in the world. This special is produced by Video Edition Inc.

This special uncovers some of the most unconventional weddings around. And when anything goes, it seems to be human nature to want to be on the guest list. WEIRD WEDDINGS is there for the most outlandish marriage performances ever. From a Civil War re-enactment with a cast of hundreds to a wedding underwater off the bow of the Titanic, the special follows some of the zaniest love-struck couples out there. We follow them as they agonize — not just over wardrobe, menus and custom-made vows, but also over special effects — in preparation for their bizarre beginning to married life. WEIRD WEDDINGS is produced by Cargo Films.

Wealthy, well-heeled and twenty-something (the male version of the "it girl"), "Young Bucks" are young men with cushy lives, summer estates, overflowing bank accounts and ancestors of considerable social status. Viewers are invited into the exclusive world of New York's handsome new crop of young eligible bachelors.

A follow-up to the popular special, YOUNG, SEXY & ROYAL, which introduced viewers to the nice, but naughty lives of the world's young royalty. The athletes featured in YOUNG, SEXY & SPORTY capture our attention with their skills on the playing field, but keep our attention with their bad-boy habits on the sidelines. In this original special, WE gets up close and personal with these young, super-star competitors to experience what it's like to have it all – talent, looks and lots of money.

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