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WE: Women’s Entertainment Greenlights Another 13 Episodes of Courteney Cox / David Arquette Produced Series “Mix It Up”

Second Season of Home-Design Series Premieres Summer 2004

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 8, 2004 – WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT moves forward with a second season of the home-design series created by Courteney Cox, MIX IT UP, it was announced today by Jeff Eisenberg, Vice President of Production for WE. Production on the next 13 episodes begins this month in the Los Angeles area. Executive produced by Courteney Cox and her husband David Arquette, the second season premieres this summer.

MIX IT UP takes a close look at individuals moving in together, be it friends, lovers, husband and wives, mothers and daughters or roommates, who are at odds stylistically. In each episode, an interior designer, along with hosts Milos Milicevic and Thea Mann, assist the 'couples' in their attempts to blend their personal living styles. Over the course of three days with a budget of $2,500, one room in the house will be transformed into a living space that is compatible for both individuals. The MIX IT UP team also includes the movers, upholsterer, painter, cabinet maker, thrift store owner plus friends and family, who each make unique contributions to the process of redesigning the room.

For Cox, the show concept was inspired by real-life events. "When my husband (David Arquette) and I moved in together, it was quite a challenge blending my more refined sensibilities with his more outrageous tastes and vast collection of chotchkes," she explains. "It's the reality of moving in with anyone, a situation which often involves conflict, which should make for a very entertaining program, and hopefully an informative one as well."

"Courteney and David brought such passion to this project and are completely hands-on through the entire creative process," said Jeff Eisenberg, Vice President of Production for WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT. "We look forward to working with them on the next season as the series continues to evolve."

The series is produced by Candy Corn Entertainment, Inc. Executive Producers are Courteney Cox and David Arquette. Jeff Eisenberg, Vice President of Production at WE, is Executive Producer.

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