WE: Women’s Entertainment Unveils New On-Air Look

Jericho, NY, October 22, 2001 – WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT will unveil a new on-air design and tag line, "The Space We Share," on Monday, October 29. This completes the continued evolution of Romance Classics to WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT and marks the on-going commitment to provide women a chance to relax and a way to recharge.

"Our mission is three-fold – provide relaxation, inspiration and simplicity. The network's on-air environment accomplishes this with a look that is vibrant and contemporary and a voice that is optimistic, friendly and familiar. Ultimately, we want the viewer to feel energized after watching WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT," said Martin von Ruden, Executive Vice President and General Manager, WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT. "The design is relevant to women's lives today. The tagline, 'The Space We Share,' defines the connection WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT has with women."

The re-design team was overseen by von Ruden and included Ellen Kahn, Partner of Twin Art, Inc., who served as Director / Creative Consultant; Jane Olsen of WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT as Creative Director and Vanessa Tremain, also from the network, as writer / producer.

First, Kahn developed the logo and Olsen retained the LA-based advertising agency Ground Zero who conceived the tagline, "The Space We Share." Next, Kahn enlisted the New York-based award-winning design firm, Artichoke, headed by Nancy Paladino. Creative Director Paladino, along with her team, developed and created the new look.

"The challenge was to create an optimistic and uncluttered look for WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT which Artichoke's creative team achieved with their fresh and dynamic vision. Artichoke's talented designers and animators were able to realize the essence of the brand and make it come alive with their unique palette, brilliant designs and bold animation. The WE ids feel like energized moments of modern art that are a gift for the viewer," said Kahn.

We created a clean, modern visual language that emphasizes simplicity and symmetry," says Paladino. "Indirectly the message is, 'relax, we're not trying to challenge you.' The idea was to create a space that was wide open yet comfortable at the same time, a design without attitude." Four coordinating color palettes are a significant aspect of the design that Paladino says gives it variety within an overall feeling of organization and order.

The package elements include logo graphics, ID's, end pages, tune-in menus and original programming packages. The renowned film scoring and technologically advanced music house Tomandandy produced all the original music.

The inspiration for the new tag line "The Space We Share," originated from the intersection of the "w" and the "e," as demonstrated in the logo. This centerpiece represents the heart and energy of the channel, and is alive with possibilities.

Von Ruden said the network also plans to revamp the we-womensentertainment website to reflect the new design and tagline. The on-line redesign is scheduled to debut by year-end and is being created by the New Jersey-based interactive agency On-Demand.

WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT is a service of AMC NETWORKS. WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT gives women a chance to relax and a way to recharge through entertainment that connects them on an emotional level. WE: WOMEN'S ENTERTAINMENT features the largest collection of women's interest films, inspiring original series and topical specials

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