Beginning at 6:00 a.m. ET/5:00 a.m. C, Network To Air All 24 Episodes from The Final Season of The Critically Acclaimed, Iconic Comedy Series

January 25, 2017 – New York, NY — SundanceTV celebrates the memory and extraordinary talent of beloved actress, Mary Tyler Moore, with an all-day marathon of the final season of the iconic “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” beginning Saturday at 6:00 a.m. ET/5:00 a.m. C. Moore died today at the age of 80.

Created by James L. Brooks and Allan Burns, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” which one critic called “the best of its kind in television history, when it debuted on September 19, 1970, is one of the most acclaimed and lauded series of all time and was honored with numerous awards including three Golden Globes, 29 Emmys and a Peabody Award. The series’ depiction of a single, career-minded woman was revolutionary for its time and was included on many “best of” lists including Time’s 17 Shows That Changed TV calling the program, “liberated TV for adults—of both sexes” by being “a sophisticated show about grownups among other grownups, having grownup conversations.” The series ran for seven seasons from 1970-1977.

A detailed breakdown of the schedule follows:

Episode 701: Mary Midwife

Mary’s apartment turns into a delivery room when Georgette gives birth at a party.

Episode 702: Mary the Writer

Mary tries her hand at creative writing.

Episode 703: Sue Ann’s Sister

Sue Ann battles her younger sister for attention.

Episode 704: What’s Wrong With Swimming?

Mary hires a woman sportscaster.

Episode 705: Ted’s Change of Heart

Ted Baxter suffers a mild heart attack.

Episode 706: One Producer Too Many

Lou makes Murray a co-producer after he gets an offer from another station. Mary is not happy about this situation.

Episode 707: My Son, the Genius

Ted and Georgette’s adopted son is failing school – because he has a genius I.Q. and is bored by his classes.

Episode 708: Mary Gets a Lawyer

A frightened Mary Richards faces a contempt charge for refusing to reveal a news source, and her lawyer doesn’t make the legal battle any easier as he spends more time researching ways to win her than on the case.

Episode 709: Lou Proposes

Can two hard-nosed staunch journalists alter their news world to make room for a married life together? Lou Grant follows up on a strong lead, though this time from his heart, when he proposes to Mary Richards’ Aunt Flo.

Episode 710: Murray Can’t Lose

The word is out that Murray is a sure thing to win at this year’s Teddy awards.

Episode 711: Mary’s Insomnia

Lou is concerned about Mary’s possible addiction to sleeping pills.

Episode 712: Ted’s Temptation

A beautiful young reporter attempts to seduce Ted Baxter.

Episode 713: Look at Us, We’re Walking

Mary and Lou try to put up a united front in wage negotiations with the station.

Episode 714: The Critic

The new six o’clock news critic starts attacking the residents of Minneapolis.

Episode 715: Lou’s Army Reunion

A distraught Lou is caught in a vise between rejecting a favor for an old, Casanova army buddy who once saved him from the stockades, or granting his request and subjecting Mary Richards to a date with him.

Episode 716: The Ted and Georgette Show

Ted and Georgette Baxter become the stars of their own television show.

Episode 717: Sue Ann Gets the Ax

Sue Ann Nivens is faced with unemployment when her show is canceled.

Episode 718: Hail the Conquering Gordy

Gordy Howard, former weatherman for WJM-TV, returns to Minneapolis for a visit after signing a contract to host a morning network show in New York. Thrilled over his success, the news staff can barely await his arrival, especially Ted, who plans to con Gordy into letting him co-host the network show.

Episode 719: Mary and the Sexagenarian

Mary causes some raised eyebrows when she begins to date Murray Slaughter’s father.

Episode 720: Murray Ghosts for Ted

Murray suffers the pains of being Ted’s ghostwriter when a small article he writes for the anchorman for $200 turns out to be worth $2,500 to Reader’s Digest, not to mention the fame and glory Ted is gobbling up.

Episode 721: Mary’s Three Husbands

After a long day Lou, Murray and Ted have a drink and fantasize what it would be like to be married to Mary.

Episode 722: Mary’s Big Party

Mary hopes that finally she’ll have one dinner party that is not a disaster. Tonight Johnny Carson is going to make an appearance and then the lights go out.

Episode 723: Lou Dates Mary

Lou Grant and Mary Richards dating? Even they don’t believe it’s happening, although they give it a try.

Episode 724: The Last Show

In the series finale, WJM’s owner decides a housecleaning is in order and fires the entire newsroom staff except for anchorman Ted.

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