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Technology Allows Advertisers to Embed Audio Triggers into Conventional TV Ads – Which Instantly Deliver Targeted Offers to Viewers’ Smartphones

NEW YORK, NY, May 31, 2018 – AMC Networks today announced that it was partnering with ACTV8me, a mobile ad-tech company, to offer a powerful new data-driven platform to advertisers – using inaudible audio triggers on TV commercials to instantly send customized offers to viewers through an app on their smartphones. Using the ACTV8me technology, viewers watching TV programming can be sent a variety of offers, digital currency, reward points, coupons or promotions on their smartphones through the Mobii app, triggered by the commercials they see on TV.

AMC Networks recently created a dedicated ad sales team to focus on data-driven solutions, called AMCN Agility. The team will include the ACTV8me capabilities into their existing offering across all of the AMCN channels.

“Our goal through AMCN Agility is to build a variety of ways for advertisers to reach consumers, driven by data and new technologies,” said Adam Gaynor, Vice President of AMCN Agility. “The technology platform developed by ACTV8me will allow advertisers to send personalized offers to viewers as they are watching our programming, and track results based on consumer action in response to the offers – an incredibly powerful combination that has never been possible before.”

“For the first-time ever, AMCN and their advertisers can digitize TV by infusing our data-driven solution into their ad campaigns, disrupting the current behavior of fast-forwarding and inspiring viewership and transactions.” Said Brian Shuster, ACTV8me’s Founder and CEO. “By utilizing our patented platform, brands can foster new one-to-one consumer relationships in a way never before possible. There is no better way to inspire viewers to watch television commercials than by giving them immediate discountable value from the brands. It’s simple – watch any TV commercial and get an offer sent to your mobile device from your favorite brand.”

AMC Networks is set to deploy ACTV8me’s capabilities on commercial spots across the AMC Network portfolio. Brands leveraging ACTV8me’s platform unlock multiple modes of measurable engagement across all distributed media content. The platform can accurately track a TV viewer’s engagement from impression – all the way to a consummated transaction. This unique interactive experience redefines the way brands connect with viewers.

The implementation of ACTV8me’s proprietary platform provides AMC Networks a distinct competitive advantage, empowering advertisers to incentivize and distribute monetizable value directly to a viewer’s mobile device synchronously while watching TV commercials live or time-shifted. With rich targeting capabilities, AMCN’s sponsors can identify and engage consumers based on their age, gender and or location and quantify campaigns with provable ROI. Viewers can save these personalized offers into their native mobile wallet (Google Pay and Apple Pay) and redeem them online or in-store. The platform provides a data-driven solution for media, advertising, and retail by closing the loop at POS.

Additionally, AMCN Agility is making the company’s proprietary Aurora Video Targeting Solutions data platform available to advertisers in the current upfront. Developed internally by the company’s Business Intelligence team, Aurora Video Targeting Solutions offers demonstrative insights across the company’s five national networks and the entire spectrum of ad-supported cable and broadcast networks.

The platform uses rating data and proprietary analytics to help advertisers plan more efficiently and effectively, with advanced audience segmenting and targeting. It was introduced during last year’s upfront and AMC Networks worked with a select group of category leaders as it continued to develop and refine the platform.

About AMC Networks

Dedicated to producing quality programming and movie content for more than 30 years, AMC Networks Inc. (NASDAQ: AMCX) owns and operates several of the most popular and award-winning brands in cable television. AMC, IFC, SundanceTV, WE tv, and IFC Films produce and deliver distinctive, compelling and culturally relevant content that engages audiences across multiple platforms. The company also operates BBC AMERICA through a joint venture with BBC Worldwide. In addition, the company operates AMC Networks International, its global division.

About ACTV8me

ACTV8me’s patented platform enables measurable engagement and powers transactions across all distributed media content. The platform accurately follows a TV/Media consumer’s engagement from impression – all the way to a consummated transaction. With rich targeting capabilities, the ACTV8me platform engages media consumers based on their age, gender and or location, and enables brands to drive measurable ROI. The ACTV8me solution creates a comprehensive data-driven solution for media, advertising, and retail by closing the loop at POS.

ACTV8me operates a standalone consumer-facing mobile application (iOS, Android) named Mobii, as well as a world-class SDK, which can be seamlessly embedded into any existing mobile application.

The company has already launched various uses of its platform with FOX, NBC, Univision, and others. As a leader in developing interactive media experiences, ACTV8me is also working with major media networks and production partners to create original content that utilizes the platform’s functionality and unlocks multiple new revenue streams for media networks. ACTV8me is headquartered in Beverly Hills, CA.

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