AMC Showcases Films About Macho Men in the “No Fear” Festival Saturday, May 4 – Sunday, May 5

JERICHO, N.Y., April 26, 2002 – Starting on Saturday, May 4, and continuing through Sunday morning, May 5, AMC presents the "No Fear" festival showcasing six films about stoic men. The line-up includes the Western RIO BRAVO, starring John Wayne, Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson; the action-adventure film RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, with Harrison Ford; and the sci-fi thriller ENEMY MINE, starring Dennis Quaid and Louis Gossett Jr.

The festival begins on Saturday, May 4, at 9:30 AM (ET) with the Western THE BRAVADOS (1958). When the four men who murdered his wife escape from prison on the eve of their execution, Jim Douglass (Gregory Peck) can taste vengeance as he's enlisted to bring them back for justice. But will his mission make the hunter as villainous as the hunted? Joan Collins co-stars. Next, at 11:15 AM (ET), John Wayne is Sheriff John T. Chance, who's taking no chances with a notorious outlaw in the town jail in director Howard Hawks' quintessential Western RIO BRAVO (1959). Co-stars include Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson and Walter Brennan.

In RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (1981), Steven Spielberg's Oscar®-winning action adventure, airing at 1:45 PM (ET), Harrison Ford is intrepid archeologist Indiana Jones. On a quest to find the sacred Ark of the Covenant – believed to hold the original Ten Commandments – he encounters snakes, Nazi agents and other perils. The film was nominated for nine Academy Awards® and won four, including Best Film Editing and Best Visual Effects. Additionally, it garnered a Special Achievement Award for Sound Effects Editing. Karen Allen and Denholm Elliott co-star. (Also at 8:00 PM.)

Following, at 3:50 PM, John Wayne and Stewart Granger portray Sam McCord and George Pratt, two Washington lumberjacks who strike gold in Alaska in the comic Western NORTH TO ALASKA (1960). But conman Frankie Canon (Ernie Kovacs) is trying to stake his own claim to their goldmine. The singer Fabian co-stars as George's younger brother. (Also at 3:00 AM, Sunday, May 5.)

"No Fear" continues at 6:05 PM (ET) with the sci-fi thriller ENEMY MINE (1985). During an intergalactic battle, Earthling Willis Davidge (Dennis Quaid) and alien Jeriba Shigan (Louis Gossett Jr.) crash in a hostile world. To survive, the sworn enemies must learn to trust in and rely on each other. (Also at 5:15 AM, Sunday, May 5.)

Later, at 10:15 PM (ET), Harrison Ford reprises his role as the self-effacing archeologist in the sequel INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM (1984), which also won the Oscar® for Best Visual Effects. This time he's combing India for a sacred stone with Kate Capshaw, as a nightclub singer, along for the ride. Jonathan Ke Quan co-stars as Indy's formidable 12-year-old sidekick.

A complete schedule of films and airtimes for AMC's "No Fear" festival is attached.

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Saturday, May 4 – Sunday, May 5, 2002

Saturday, May 4

9:30 AM


11:15 AM

RIO BRAVO (1959)

1:45 PM


3:50 PM


6:05 PM


8:00 PM


10:15 PM


Sunday, May 5

12:35 AM

RIO BRAVO (1959)

3:00 AM


5:15 AM


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