AMC’s DVD_TV Series Features “Ghost” on Sunday, June 22

CHICAGO, IL, June 9, 2003 — AMC’s popular series DVD_TV continues with a look at the 1990 film GHOST, starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze. The film will air in its full-screen version at 5:15 PM, followed by a “Much More Movie” version at 8:00 PM.

Once each month, DVD_TV taps into the cravings of movie people, offering a Sunday movie marathon populated by DVD-like extras, including original programming and rare behind the scenes footage, exclusive interviews and more. Each marathon features at least two versions of a seminal movie – the full-screen version followed by a “Much More Movie” version. “Much More Movie” is a letterbox version that gives viewers with little known facts about the movie in scrolls across the black space at the bottom of the screen. It provides a rich layer of additional detail about the background players, the elements surrounding the production, the casting of the performers, the music, cinematography and much, much more.

Directed by Jerry Zucker, GHOST was among the top moneymaking films of 1990. The film garnered five Academy Award

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