American Movie Classics Goes Shagadelic-‘Baybee’ With an Ultra-Groovy Episode of ‘The Hollywood Fashion Machine’

“Shagadelic” Episode Features Actress Raquel Welch And Mod-Icon Twiggy

Bethpage, NY, – From mini-skirts to platform shoes, the 1960s spawned a number of timeless fashion trends. The infamous “mod” era was a time when fashion encouraged people to break out of the mold and concoct brighter, flashier ensembles. AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS’ original series The Hollywood Fashion Machine, hosted by Bo Derek, explores the explosive movement and how it changed Hollywood’s attitude about fashion. The Shagadelic episode, featuring actress Raquel Welch and mod-icon Twiggy, visits the swinging ’60s on January 31, at 8:00 PM (ET).

For decades, Hollywood set most fashion trends. In the mid-1960s everything changed when Hollywood was shaken by the “mod” explosion. Suddenly, British pop stars replaced movie stars as idols of the age and threatened to destroy Hollywood’s fashion dominance. The new look caught on across America. The epitome was a skinny girl named Twiggy who sported a bobbed haircut and fake eyelashes that would become a signature look for the era. At first, Hollywood ignored the escalating fad, but this new fashion revolution was too powerful a force.

Through film clips ranging from THE PARTY (1968) to AUSTEN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME (1999) and interviews with actress Raquel Welch and mod-icon Twiggy, the Shagadelic episode describes how Hollywood eventually adapted to the growing trend. Shagadelic will also feature an interview with Theodora Van Runkle, a designer who fought the studio system and launched Hollywood’s first bona-fide mod fashion trend with her costumes for BONNIE AND CLYDE (1967). Her designs played a profound role in the history of pop style and remain the cinematic landmark of 1960s style.

The Hollywood Fashion Machine is a World of Wonder Production for AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS. It is executive produced and directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato. It is produced by Gabriel Rotello. The Hollywood Fashion Machine is executive produced by Marc Juris and Jessica Falcon of AMERICAN MOVIE CLASSICS.

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